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The Toyota Highlander Hybrid does it with size and serenity

SUV on electric course: The Toyota Highlander is now also available in this country as a full hybrid without a plug. Does the spark jump over? A test!

B.Everyone knows alu, the bear from Disney’s “Jungle Book”. You know, the one with the cosiness. Is on a very similar path Toyota with his SUV of the upper middle class on road. However, it doesn’t go by the name Balu, it’s called Highlander. Which is much better for the big and serene high seat fits. The name also has tradition. The Highlander has been sold at home in Japan, the USA and Australia since the end of 2000. The current model is actually number four – now it’s coming to Germany for the first time.

When it comes to propulsion, the Highlander is a mixture of RAV4 and RX

Toyota Highlander

Group components: The four-cylinder gasoline engine comes from the RAV4, the electric motor from the Lexus RX.

© Toyota Deutschland GmbH

Despite the same displacement of the gasoline engine, it is not a kind of extended one RAV4 – the Highlander builds on the larger platform that the Lexus RX uses. Therefore, it also offers a serious towing capacity of two tons – the RAV4 is only allowed to tow 1500 or 1650 kilograms that are unworthy of SUVs; depending on whether it is the Plug-in or the plugless ones Normal hybrid acts. The prices start at 53,250 euros (on offer: savings at of up to 10,389 euros). When it comes to propulsion, the Highlander is a mixture of RAV4 and RX. E-system from Lexus, combustion engine from Toyota. The principle follows the usual concept: Work in at the front Gasoline engine and an electric machine together via a planetary gear that stepless translation adjustment allowed; on the rear axle second electric motor for additional propulsion. Difference to the RX: The Highlander doesn’t have a creamy V6 petrol engine, just one Four-cylinder.

The battery would be too small for a plug-in hybrid

Toyota Highlander

With a battery capacity of 1.87 kWh, the SUV can only cover short distances with a purely electric drive.

© Toyota Deutschland GmbH

The whole thing ensures, at least during normal driving soothing rest in the interior. Toyota got the electrical part of the drive through a Number of improvements even calmer. And as long as you don’t really want to accelerate violently, the combustion engine hums peacefully and along with it low speed to himself. If you keep stepping on the pedal, you hear the seemingly unmotivated, not at all appreciated by sporty drivers Howling of the gasoline engine. This makes it clear that the Highlander is anything but a sports car and acoustically warns the driver level-headed driving style. Those who love absolute silence switch to EV mode and drives purely electrically. Not for long, though. The drive battery only has 1.87 kWh capacity; therefore would also be a Plug-in connector make little sense. The hybrid still saves fuel in the city. With slow paced you also drive in Standard driving program often purely electric, the combustion engine is of course idle and does not consume anything. And at Braking and slowing down some energy is fed back into the drive battery.

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The absolute strength the Highlander’s is his Space available – simply because of its length. Even behind the third row of seats What remains is a 52 centimeter long and – if you do not tilt the backrests backwards – 268 liter luggage compartment. If you sink the third row, it is 579 liters or more, depending on the position of the second row. Almost even more impressive: at least have on all three rows of seats medium-sized adults Space, even at the very back it is still possible. However, you have to Bend your legs quite sharplybecause the additional seats in row three are only just above the vehicle floor. The limits of comfort are then reached – not only for Balu. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)


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