Toyota Hilux / Land Cruiser: New fuel with regenerative diesel

Toyota wants to make its diesel fleet even more environmentally friendly. From the beginning of 2023, the Hilux and Land Cruiser models should be able to be operated with the regenerative biofuel HVO 100. Lighter commercial vehicles made by the Japanese can already be refueled with the new diesel fuel.


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Bio-Diesel HVO 100 is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that has a higher cetane number (describes the ignition quality of diesel engines) and a lower sulfur and aromatics content than standard diesel. The fuel is usually obtained from used cooking oil, as well as palm or rapeseed oil.

New bio-diesel can also be mixed with conventional diesel

There are already around 1,000 petrol pumps across Europe that offer Bio-Sprit HVO 100. The production of the renewable diesel is expected to increase in the coming years from four to around 15.5 million tons per year by 2030.

Toyota promises that no special measures or changes in driving style are required when using HVO 100. The engines only have to be equipped with a larger injection system, since bio-fuel has a lower fuel density than conventional diesel. And: The fuels can be mixed in everyday use, a complete conversion is not necessary!

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