Toyota instead of Tesla: That’s why I decided against the Model 3

8. The Model 3 would not be my first choice for a road trip.

I usually get a test vehicle when I want to do a road trip. But we need our own car for this at least six times a year. The Model 3 can be ordered with a range of almost 500 kilometers, but that’s still not enough to guarantee that you don’t need a supercharger on the way.

Supercharging is great and Tesla has a lot of partner charging stations with slower charging speeds. Too few charging stations are not the problem. It’s more about the loading time. Supercharging is anything but slow, but it is much more time-consuming than normal refueling. It’s okay if you’re traveling alone, but my family protested charging stops on every road trip.

After a trip from Maryland to New Jersey, my children even forced me to promise that I would never have to go on a road trip again with a Tesla.

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Faster loading times could solve this problem, but right now I need a car that just needs to be refueled.

This article has been translated from English by Jonas Lotz.

Matthew DeBord / BI


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