Toyota Land Cruiser 200 V8: Used Car Test

Toyota’s gentle giant can be a problem

Some also call it the King of Dubai, because it is particularly valued in the Middle East for its almost indestructible chassis. Is the Toyota Land Cruiser the king with us too?

W.If you are on the road in the United Emirates, you can hardly miss it: the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, there mostly painted white, drives around here – almost a standard car for locals who need a robust vehicle but do not want to compromise on space and comfort .
As a Central European, you can understand that well, because the space is almost five meters long and almost two meters wide Land Cruiser abound with its upright, straight lines. The comfort is not neglected either, thanks to consistent noise insulation and carefully coordinated chassis.

44807 Bochum, TCB Automobile GmbH

82407 Wielenbach, EU Neuwagen Knott GmbH

The 200s in our latitudes usually have the auxiliary suspension installed, which is wrongly referred to by many as air suspension, but is in truth a hydropneumatic – with spring elements à la Citroën that work with gas and hydraulic oil. This suspension only supports the structure, which is why the body does not sag in the event of a system failure, but is supported by the still load-bearing coil springs. Such failures are also twelve years after the publication of the Land Cruiser 200 Rare. The cause is usually a malfunction in one of the ride height sensors. Cost: around 100 euros each.

all wheel drivepermanently via manually lockable central diff.
Force distribution v: h40:60
Traction aidsel. slip control by braking intervention v + h
Ground reduction2.62: 1
ConstructionLadder frame, sheet steel body
Length Width Height4950/1970/1910 mm
Ground clearance230 mm
Tank capacity93 l
Trailer load used / unused3500/750 kg
Trunk volume655-2320 l

The engine is the Achilles heel of the Land Cruiser 200

Much more important, however, that we deal with the engine in this purchase advice, because it is the real Achilles heel of the Land Cruiser 200 – not the V8 petrol engine, which drinks but otherwise inconspicuously does its job, but the V8 turbodiesel.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 V8

Early versions of the V8 turbo-diesel had injector problems, all years of construction struggle with exhaust gas recirculation.

© Toni Bader / AUTO BILD

In the first two years of construction, he shocked the land cruiser community, who believed in longevity, with high oil consumption, irregular and harsh nail noises, warning lights flashing without motivation, and material defects such as rapid wear and tear on the steering wheel cover and leather seats or inside door handles. Actually, one has to admit that Toyota had not completely finished designing the 200 V8. The high oil consumption was due to too loose piston rings and poorly functioning crankcase ventilation; the warning light mostly referred to the fuel filter, which was designed too tight. Toyota improved that on the customer cars, hopefully without exception. But we don’t know exactly why the specimens will be more popular with connoisseurs from 2010 onwards. This is also affected by a coked intake tract – a problem with many engines today with direct injection, with high exhaust gas recirculation rates at the same time. The V8 D-4D, however, depends on correctly working exhaust gas recirculation, otherwise it only runs in the emergency program.

Spare part costs *
Front fender412 euros
Headlights397 euros
Front brake discs (one set)235 euros
Front brake pads (one set)165 euros
Automatic transmission (new)13,112 euros
Engine without attachments (new)37,193 euros
Generator (new)1330 euros
Starter (new)1182 euros
Water pump (new)283 euros
Exhaust without cat1295 euros
* Prices based on the example of a Land Cruiser 4.5 D-4D V8 Executive, built in 2013

The problems with the injectors, the electronically controlled injection valves, are more severe. The parts supplied by Denso / Japan can drip or inject crookedly, thereby causing major engine damage. The engine itself has eight injectors, plus two in front of each of the two diesel particulate filters. Unit price: around 400 euros without installation. Nobody in Dubai thinks about that because they drive petrol there.

Conclusion from Martin Braun: A trumpet of a car with a pedestal-proof base, but with a sensitive and highly complex diesel engine. You need a lot of luck or a lot of money to get over the years without failures.

Used car prices: Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (V8)
Model accident-free4.7 Executive4.5 D-4D
Doors / cylinders4/84/8
kW / PS212/288210/286
Consumption / 100 km16.5 l S13.0 l D
Maximum speed194 km / h208 km / h
Insurance (HP / VK / TK)23/29/3023/29/30
Factory price82,300 euros72,600 euros
2015, 134,000 km
2014, 153,000 km
2013, 169,000 km
2012, 185,000 km
2011, 200,000 km
2010, 215,000 km15,000 euros
2009, 230,000 km *14,500 euros13,500 euros
Model accident-freeExecutive 4.5 D-4D4.5 D-4DExecutive 4.5 D-4D
Doors / cylinders4/84/84/8
kW / PS210/286200/272200/272
Consumption / 100 km13.0 l D13.0 l D13.0 l D
Maximum speed208 km / h208 km / h208 km / h
Insurance (HP / VK / TK)23/29/3023/29/3023/29/30
Factory price87,900 euros77,150 euros91,150 euros
2015, 134,000 km33,200 euros39,000 euros
2014, 153,000 km28,000 euros33,000 euros
2013, 169,000 km23,800 euros28,000 euros
2012, 185,000 km22,000 euros20,800 euros24,000 euros
2011, 200,000 km19,000 euros
2010, 215,000 km17,000 euros
2009, 230,000 km *15,000 euros
Source: DAT; Dealer sales prices in euros including VAT, * The following mileage applies to the petrol engine: 180,000; * Prices based on the example of a Land Cruiser 4.5 D-4D V8 Executive, built in 2013

* Further information on the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions and, if applicable, the power consumption of new cars can be found in the “Guide to Official Fuel Consumption”, which is available free of charge at all sales outlets and from “Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH” (www


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