Toyota Land Cruiser Restomod with V8 and modern technology

the Toyota Land Cruiser is 70 years old! At least in its main features, because in 1951 Toyota presented one Off-road vehicle with the name BJ, which was used exclusively by the military. After 298 units, the 1954 model was renamed Land Cruiser and was also offered to private customers. In the following years the Land Cruiser developed the Reputation for a reliable and extremely durable off-roader and has been offered in a wide variety of designs for more than 70 years. If a conventional Land Cruiser is a bit too boring for you or has too little power, you should get it Restomod from the American company TLC Automotive look at!

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TLC Automotive is a subsidiary of Offroad specialists Icon 4×4. And while Icon 4×4 takes care of the conversion of pretty much all common off-roaders, TLC Automotive is exclusively dedicated to the Japanese legend, the Toyota Land Cruiser. Starting point of the one shown here FJ62 was a 1988 Land Crusier who was rebuilt from the ground up. The self-imposed goal of TLC is to make the off-roader look better than new. But a “simple” restoration is not enough, because as it should be for a successful restomod, the Technology fundamentally revised.
Restomods are commonly automobile icons from Porsche, Alfa, Mercedes, Lancia and many more brands that are owned by independent companies state-of-the-art technology transferred to modern times will. These restomods have seen an unstoppable hype over the past few years. It has long been a long time since there were only sports cars, but all sorts of vehicles, including real off-road vehicles such as the Chieftain Xtreme based on the Range Rover Classic. The choice is almost endless.
1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 Restomod

Except for the coarse off-road tires and the new rims, nothing visually has changed.

V8 with 430 hp instead of the standard 155 hp

Back to the Land Cruiser from TLC Automotive: That The heart of the conversion is the engine! Instead of the original 4.0-liter in-line six-cylinder with 155 hp is now sitting one more befitting by American standards 6.2 liter LS3 V8 under the hood, the one with 430 hp offers almost three times as much power as the original engine. Logical that further components had to be adapted to the power. The power transmission is now taken over by one Four-speed automatic from GM (4L65E) and the landing gear was contributed by the company “Old Man Emu”.

It is particularly important to TLC that the Land Cruiser does not degenerate into a show & shine vehicle, but rather retains its off-road capabilities and so an enormous amount of effort was made that is not noticeable at first glance. TLC has the Body of the FJ62 placed on the ladder frame of an FJ80, because this substructure is not only stronger, but also has a rear swing axle. TLC calls the result FJ142. The highlight of the conversion is that it is not noticeable visually. With the exception of coarse 33-inch off-road tires from BF Goodrich and the Method rims, the Restomod is optically deliberately kept classic.

1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 Restomod

Instead of the original 4.0-liter in-line six-cylinder, the Restomod has a V8 with 430 hp.

Base price of the Land Cruiser Restomod from 125,000 euros

In the interior, however, a lot has happened. TLC has installed new front seats (now with seat heating) and a new headliner. In addition, the dashboard has been modified to accommodate an infotainment system with a navigation system and many brand new OEM parts have been used throughout the interior. Anyone who is hooked on the idea of ​​one now classic Land Cruiser with a thick V8 and modern technology, that has to be converted Budget at least 110,000 euros (125,000 US dollars), because that is the starting price for the TLC restomods. This one The example shown costs around 155,000 euros (175,000 US dollars) significantly more, but is still a bit cheaper than the Range Rover from Chieftain. The 430 hp Xtreme based on Range Rover Classic costs at least 200,000 euros. Getting noticed has never been cheap!

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