Toyota presents 15 electric studies, one could be the next Hilux

Toyota is considered a pioneer in the hybrid sector thanks to the Prius, but the Japanese have so far held back when it comes to electric cars. The first fully electric car was only recently introduced with the SUV bZ4X. But now there is movement in the subject. By 2030, the subsidiary brand Lexus is to become a purely electric brand in Europe, Toyota no longer plans to offer combustion engines here from 2035. Toyota and Lexus want to offer 30 new electric cars worldwide by 2030 – and have now shown studies of an impressive 15 models in one fell swoop! They cover many different segments and for the most part look very close to series production. Three models are particularly exciting.


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1. The next electric car will be a small SUV

By concentrating on electric cars, Toyota wants to build an entire bZ family. The next electric production car from the Japanese will come directly from there, a small SUV whose study is called Small Crossover. The shape of the show car is very reminiscent of the recently introduced Aygo X, even if the almost completely closed front and the headlight design are different. Whether the dimensions are actually based on the brand’s currently smallest SUV or whether it will be one size larger cannot currently be assessed.
Toyota or small crossover

The bZ Small Crossover study is to be the first to go into series production, and visually it is reminiscent of the Aygo X.

The only official information about this vehicle: it should be particularly economical. Toyota is aiming for a consumption of 12.5 kWh per 100 kilometers. However, the Japanese left it open which test method should be used to achieve this value. If the WLTP process is involved, it would actually be extremely economical, because the smaller Smart EQ consumes 15.7 kWh per 100 kilometers, for example. In the pictures, the study already looks very close to series, Toyota could present the finished car as early as 2022.

2. The electric pick-up is the ideal successor to Hilux

The as yet nameless study of an electric pick-up could inherit the Toyota Hilux. Unlike the Rivian R1T, the truck looks less futuristic, but it looks less than the current model with a diesel engine. The front is straightforward. The area in which the grill should actually be found is completely closed apart from two ventilation slots and painted in the vehicle color, a mighty black underrun protection and small headlights with a ventilation element directly below radiate a certain aggressiveness.

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The study shows a double cap with a correspondingly smaller loading area, the series version should of course also be available as a single cab. The most powerful Hilux we offer currently has 204 hp and 500 Nm, which should also be achieved by the electric version. All-wheel drive would of course be a must.

3. C-HR successor could attack Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6

Another interesting model from the bZ lineup is the bZ Compact SUV. The study, which looks flat for an SUV and has a sloping roof line, is already being traded as a successor to the CH-R. The design of the show car is extremely sporty, and the wide fenders at the rear, some of which are integrated into the rear doors, are an exciting detail. The basic shape is reminiscent of the Korean competition Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, which Toyota could snatch away some customers with this model. The car could take over the drive directly from the bZ4X, there is one with front and all-wheel drive, the 71.4 kWh battery should be there for up to 450 kilometers WLTP range be good, a value that could also apply to the version with a sloping roof. However, the production version should not be quite as sporty as the study.
Toyota bz Compact SUV

The show car bZ Compact SUV could become the electric successor of the C-HR with the drive of the bZ4X.

New editions of MR2 and Land Cruiser possible

The presented electric studies also include many SUVs, a sedan and a small car, as well as vehicles that could be the electric successors of well-known models with combustion engines. Including a possible all-electric versions of the Highlander and Yaris Cross, as well as two studies that could revive the big names in Toyota history: MR2 and Land Cruiser. AUTO BILD shows all studies in the picture gallery.

Picture gallery


15 electric studies from Toyota and Lexus (2021)

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