Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid over 8500 euros cheaper!

Hybrid sounds boring. And also the Toyota RAV4 isn’t exactly known as a performance SUV. As a plug-in hybrid, Toyota’s mid-range SUV has one big portion of driving fun With. It is usually not cheap to start with, the MSRP of the basic model is at least 47,490 euros. At the moment, however, you can save a lot on the price: “Carwow” has it Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid with a discount of up to 87,547 euros listed!

As in the hybrid without a connector, the RAV4 PHEV also has one 2.5 liter four-cylinder with 182 hp. Together with two electric motors the system performance of the all-wheel drive increases to juicy 306 hp. This is reflected in sprint values ​​of smooth six seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. Thanks to the low center of gravity due to the deeply built-in battery, there is even a high degree of cornering dynamics. The RAV4 also masters saving. The Standard consumption of 1.2 liters per 100 kilometers is of course an illusion, we made 6.8. Purely electric we came in the test but considerable 70 kilometers far. The whole package is currently available at a great discount on The greatest savings of 8547 euros are available on models with the technology and style packages for 51,343 euros. Without these options, Plug-in RAV4 is current from 40,065 euros listed. For comparison: a RAV4 without a plug and only 222 hp costs only 6000 euros less.


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