Toyota Supra Targa: the Supra that will never be produced in series

The Toyota Supra Targa, which will not be available in series

Toyota brings the Supra from the 90s into the modern age: The SEMA show car “Sport Top” based on the A90 pays homage to its iconic predecessor. It probably doesn’t work in series.

Roof parts from the 3D printer

Targa roof and bow-shaped spoiler not only look good on the MK4.

© Toyota

The Show car was built by Toyota North America especially for the tuning fair SEMA360, which took place online for the first time in 2020. As early as 2019, Toyota caused a sensation with the Supra Heritage Edition, which quoted the MK4. The fans freaked out – and so it was decided to go one step further. In addition to the curved rear wing and the rear lights with round graphics, the Sport Top now has a Targa roof. Although the predecessor was also available as a coupé in most markets, at least since “The Fast and the Furious” one automatically thinks of the Targa at Supra. The two removable panels of the Sport Top come from the 3D printer and can simply be clipped out. The B-pillar, the rear part of the roof and the entire underbody have been reinforced for greater rigidity.

Toyota also donated a body kit, rims, chassis, brakes and an exhaust system to the show car. The B58 in-line six-cylinder was also upgraded, but Toyota did not publish details. One cannot hope for a series production of the Sport Top. According to Toyota, effort and costs would simply be too high. (This is probably the only Toyota Supra MK4 Roadster in the world!)


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