Toyota Venza returns to America with hybrid engine

As the Highlander arrives in Europe, the Toyota Venze returns to the American market after nine years of absence.

A few days ago, the Japanese brand announced that the Toyota Highlander will be shared with the European market. However, Americans will still be rewarded with a specific model, in the form of the Toyota Venza.

The Toyota Venza revives the name that previously characterized a sad family MPV. Like its brothers, it now slides on the SUV wave and takes up exactly the same base as the Harrier (the Japanese name of the model), but it will only be offered with the hybrid engine.

The SUV will take on a 2.5-liter petrol engine, coupled with three electric motors, which will boost total power to 219 hp. The other information is still at the discretion of the manufacturer, but the Venza promises an average consumption of 40 mpg, or nearly 5.9 l / 100 km. An appetite barely lower than the 6.0 L / 100 km EPA approved consumption for the Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid.

A refined interior for the Toyota Venza

The interior of the Venza is, unsurprisingly, perfectly similar to that of its Japanese brother. The presentation is neat with materials of good quality, very close to what Lexus can offer. The technological endowment is also there with two screens, a digital rear view mirror, or a JBL audio system. Connectivity to mobile devices is provided by Apple Carplay or Android Auto, while Alexa from Amazon is emerging.

Available this summer at a price close to 30,000 dollars. It should not put its wheels in Europe.


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