Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid: test, SUV, engine, price

Pretty blatant, the one with that Cross. Five inconspicuous letters that have long since hung up their actual meaning (cross, cross) and today promise more active adventure. This is how Opel customers drive in Crosslandwho have favourited VW fans prefer the T-Cross, Citroën ennobles models trimmed for SUVs with the addition Aircross. Now comes Toyota and simply attaches the miracle word to the Yaris. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

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What sounds rather unimaginative, means more to the Japanese than just a little bit of SUV make-up. Of the Yaris Cross optically sets itself apart from his Small car base away. This is mainly due to the fact that the makers of the Cross colleague add a few centimeters in all directions. So the Yaris Cross stretches with you 4.18 meters on the best Mini SUV format and surpasses the standard Yaris by 24 centimeters. In addition, he stretches a full ten centimeters higher than his technology dispenser at 1.60 meters and pushes his modern front at a width of 1.77 meters (+ 2 cm) a little more present in the picture. The shape was quite successful, the format only to a limited extent.
Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid

Somewhat spacious: The Cross allows more air in all directions than the normal Yaris. For big ones, however, it quickly becomes tight at the back.

The Yaris will not be a space saver

Of course there is despite unchanged Wheelbase of 2.56 meters more space inside than in the Yaris. At the front we are sitting up to 1.90 meters in length, completely okay, but taller guests are missing the last few centimeters to relax and settle down. Elbow width, headroom, leg room – a T-Cross, for example, leaves more room in all dimensions. At least they like it Front seats with firm cushions, but could be a bit bigger – one extendable thigh support would improve things a lot. In the second row it gets a little tighter in Japanese. Yes, four (not too voluptuous) adults can get by in the Cross, small families or couples with dogs or a hobby that takes up space are more comfortable.

Toyota Yaris in the AUTO BILD used car market

They are also happy about the not huge one, but very functional trunk. Split backrest, level floor, compartments and hooks – everything inside, everything on. And from Adventure there is Cargo package A three-part backrest, electric tailgate with foot sensor and the as standard 60:40 division of the double loading floor. The latter is certainly not a reason to buy, but an original solution. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid

Well done: The Yaris Cross works right away, the material and workmanship are decent.

Operation and assistance are convincing

The cockpit is also smart. Clear Digi instruments, central touch monitor as well as above all Speed ​​dial buttons and real regulators liked for the important functions. That’s right solid workmanship and a – for this class – decent quality impression. Also the Networking there is little reason to complain. Common cell phones are wirelessly integrated and charged (sometimes at an additional cost), the Voice assistant listens attentively – however, he demands the right words, individual announcements such as “I’m hungry” do not lead to the desired result. It is also remarkable that the little Crossie is a stately one Armada of assistants gathered. From the adaptive cruise control to the lane holder, a lot is already part of the basic equipment, additional protection for an extra charge LED matrix light, Blind spot warning or reversing assistant with braking intervention. You can find out how the Yaris Cross performs on the street and what it costs in the picture gallery.

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