Trabant 601 Universal “Wabant”: Trabant with 50 HP Wartburg engine

Of the Trabant 601 is an automobile Legendthat is rightly admired. The “Racing cardboard“has races and Rallies won, inspired pop singers to hits and – above all – made a people mobile. Who at sales times of the P 601 Trabi had to drive, the little one and his Quirks probably cursed. Anyone who is allowed to drive a Trabant today generally sees it as a gift. Away from the excited tinkling of the little helpers on board modern cars, back to the sheer pleasure of driving.
A special group of Trabants listen to the nickname “Wabant“Why? Because under the hood instead of the 26 hp powerful Trabi engine, for example, a 50 hp Three-cylinder from the Wartburg 353 is working. The more powerful engine not only makes the Zwickau more quickly, he also gives him a perfect one new Sound. at eBay such a Trabant with a Wartburg engine is currently being offered.

Trabant 601 Universal with 50 HP on eBay

eBay Trabant 601

Visually, the Trabant on offer makes a great impression. The rims suit him well.

The Polish Trabi was accepted in Germany

The advertised car is one white Trabant 601 Universal, so one Station wagon. The car is from the year 1978, Has 1987 get a new body and 2016/2017 The renovation finally took place. The car is in Koszalin in Poland (on the Baltic coast halfway to Gdansk) and is there too authorized. According to the display, the Trabi has one German acceptance according to Paragraph 21 including fresh HU and fresh AU and should therefore be in Germany can be admitted.
Of the 50 hp strength engine was reportedly four years ago overhauled and then has a new one crankshaft, a new cylinder head, new Piston rings, a new water pump and a electronic ignition receive. The carburetor comes from Jikov. In front there is Disc brakes. That transmission has a freewheel in third and fourth gear. There are also one Water heating with two-stage fan, electrical Window regulator, heated leather seats, Sat nav, Rear view camera, one hands-free device, a new dashboard, Alloy wheels and a sports steering wheel. The odometer reads 43,500 kilometers and the price tag 8900 euros.
eBay Trabant 601
The first look under the hood makes you happy. It could all be very solid, clean, and tidy.

The special Trabi should be checked carefully

Anyone who can get excited about this extraordinary Trabi should before to the purchase look closely. It starts with the Trabi classic: that Sheet metal framework under the thermoset body can not only roast. It likes to rust if you are not careful. Since the “Wabant“-modification four years have passed. Whether at that time substance has been worked is not apparent from the display. On top of that, the station wagon is at home by the sea. Enough reasons to look for signs of corrosion to search. After all, it’s not a new car.
eBay Trabant 601

The refinements in the cockpit are a matter of taste. But heated leather seats have their charm.

Item number two on the checklist should be the modification be: who did it? As did he succeed? A Wartburg three-cylinder in the Engine compartment transplanting a Trabant 601 is possible not even briefly. At a “Engine swap“(Engine replacement) of this magnitude has to be rebuilt a lot. It should be like that high-quality happened as possible. That transmission, the Brakes and the current one landing gear should match the car and the engine. Anyone who does not have enough technical expertise to be able to assess this for themselves is in urgent need of one Experts | reliant. The engine should quiet and soft run, the transmission does not creak or make other unexpected noises. Ultimately, everyone who wants the little white speedster should be aware that the Wartburg engine is also mixture needs that it no longer just like that at the pump.

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