Track Pony: New Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Ford recently caused a stir when the electric SUV with “mustang” came onto the market in the name. Now the “real” Ford Mustang is also starting into the next round. The V8 can stay in the pony car – it even gets a little more power!


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From late summer 2023, the new mustang then also in Germany at the dealer, as a coupe and convertible. The prices for the new Mustang are not yet known. At least 55,000 euros are due for the current model – but there should be a small surcharge with the new Mustang.

Design: With new elements and larger air inlets

As was to be expected, the design of the classic sports car was not radically changed. ford relies on the existing look of the new Mustang and incorporates elements of the electric SUV Mustang Mach-E. The grill has grown and merges into the headlights in a line on the upper side.
New Ford Mustang coupe

The large, black area between the taillights has been omitted, and the traditionally three-part taillight has been revised.

The side air intakes have grown from smaller slits to large openings, and there are no fog lights on the air intakes. At the rear, the absence of the solid black area is particularly noticeable; the three-part taillights keep their shape and have only been slightly modified. For a more robust sound, the four-pipe exhaust system in Mustang number seven also has a valve control.

Interior: Digitized with two horizontal displays

The interior of the new Mustang is more modern: the 12.4-inch digital cockpit behind the steering wheel can be individually configured and flows smoothly into the 13.2-inch infotainment display, which is tilted towards the driver. The Mustang is equipped with the latest “Ford SYNC 4” system, which is intended to simplify operation.

When the engine is started, the dashboard lights up in a copper hue with black elements – similar to the Mustang Mach-E. However, the colors of the displays and interior lighting can be freely adjusted. However, the information shown on the displays depends on the driving mode.

New Ford Mustang coupe

The interior is digital: two horizontally arranged displays (12.4 and 13.2 inches) incline towards the driver.

The graphics for the screens are visualized by the 3D software “Unreal Engine” from Epic Games, which usually provides renderings for computer games. This should appeal to the younger generation in particular.

Engine: Four-cylinder and V8 have been revised (update!)

The seventh generation of the starts under the hood muscle cars with an improved five-liter V8 including a new intake system with double air intake and double throttle body. Ford isn’t revealing the power yet, but it’s over 450 hp to go out

New Ford Mustang coupe

In addition to the coupe, the seventh Mustang generation will also be available as a convertible with a fabric top.

A new “Drive Mode” system is designed to cover a wide variety of operating conditions, from “Normal” to “Sport”, “Smooth” to “Drag”. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder will continue to be available for greater efficiency. In the usual manner, the “smaller” Mustang will come in a simpler and more straightforward look than the GT. So even without an air outlet on the hood and without wings at the rear.

In addition, the Ford Mustang comes with a new, directly designed steering and the optional “MagneRide” chassis, which is supposed to adapt to the road conditions at lightning speed.

Interesting for purists: This Mustang will also be available with a six-speed manual transmission. In addition to the manual transmission, there’s also a 10-speed automatic.

Dark Horse: Ford also brings a track model (update!)

In addition to the GT, another, even more powerful model will be launched in 2023 under the name “Dark Horse”. The track version has a more powerful variant of the new five-liter eight-cylinder. Ford has also given the Dark Horse new camshafts and a dual throttle valve intake system. The top model will also come with a Torse differential lock, a lighter water cooler, a cooler for engine and transmission oil and a cooler for the rear axle differential as standard.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Four thick tailpipes and a wing adorn the rear of the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse.

The anti-roll bar and shock absorbers have also been modified. Ford is also equipping the sharp Mustang with 19-inch Pirelli tires (P Zero P214). The Dark Horse model comes with a six-speed Tremec manual transmission from the factory, but there is also the option of a ten-speed automatic transmission. For track beginners, the new Mustang will be equipped with an electric drift brake. This will take over the function of a standard handbrake and should make drifting easier.

Optics: new logo, new paint (update!)

The bolide is recognizable not only by the new logo, but also by the visual brutality. The glossy black radiator grille and the rear wing immediately catch the eye. The newly designed lower bumper and the lower side skirts make the pony appear even more brutal. Also striking: the paintwork. Ford calls them Blue Ember. If the light shines on the paint, a gold shimmering reflection appears on the dark blue color.
Ford Mustang Dark Horse

With the new logo, the brand clearly sets the new model apart and heralds a new era.

NASCAR and Co.: Lightweight variant for various racing series (update!)

But the Dark Horse’s journey does not end here. Because from 2024, Mustang wants to take part in GT3 and Gt4 races with the Dark Horse S and R, as well as in the North American NASCAR series. The lightweight variant is scheduled to make its debut at the 24 Hours of Daytona in January 2024.

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