Traffic: Ten times more new freeway than rail route in 2019

The turnaround in Germany should be successful by 2050 – from then on, traffic should no longer cause emissions.

A response from the federal government to a request from the Greens shows, however, that car traffic is still primarily promoted in Germany.

In 2019, ten times as many new kilometers of motorway were built as new kilometers of railway.

In Germany, significantly more new motorways or federal highways were built or expanded than rail routes last year. This emerges from responses from the Federal Government to a request from the Greens Group.

The Green Transport politician Matthias Gastel told the German Press Agency that the disparity between announcements and actions in transport policy is getting bigger. Germany has long been adequately developed with roads, the need for action is clearly due to the incomplete rail network.

As can be seen from the responses from the federal government, 61 kilometers of motorways were built and 38 kilometers expanded last year. On federal roads it was 122 kilometers in the new building and 12 kilometers in the case of extensions. According to the government, this is based on preliminary figures from the state administrations. In the course of the extensions, six kilometers were added to the train.


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