Trainer Pochettino wants to get back to work in Premier League

Trainer Mauricio Pochettino wants to get back to work in the Premier League. “I love England and would like to continue living in London,” said the Argentinian who was fired from Tottenham Hotspur in November after more than five years. “But I don’t exclude other countries either.”

Pochettino is frequently cited as Newcastle United’s new trainer, likely to be taken over by a wealthy Saudi Arabia consortium.

Newcastle United is the current number 13 of England. But Pochettino doesn’t care about the current status of a possible new club. “Each club has its own plan for success. One club requires you to become champion and win the Champions League,” he told Sky Sports. “At another club, a place in the first six is ​​already a grand prize.”

Pochettino is also open to a club that is not yet in the top six of the Premier League. “Even Tottenham and Arsenal are not in the first six now. The top six is ​​always different. I respect all clubs. I don’t underestimate any club.”


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