Transfers to English football clubs much more difficult after Brexit

Now that Brexit is a fact, the English football clubs can no longer freely contract players from the European Union. Football players from the EU will first have to get a work permit. Obtaining that license is linked to a points system. The British Football Association FA has drawn up the new rules.

The work permit is only guaranteed and a transfer can be completed when the minimum number of points required has been achieved. Factors determining the points include the number of caps played by a player, the level of the player’s previous club, the success of that club in the competitions and the number of games played by a player.

Nothing will change for players from an EU country who are already under contract with an English club. They only have to apply to be allowed to stay longer.

According to the FA, the new transfer rules mean that English talent has a better chance to develop in the Premier League, because it will be significantly more difficult for ‘mediocre’ foreign players to obtain a work permit.


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