Trap snaps: Police snap shock caller

The flood of shock calls and related frauds does not stop. Now the police could catch a scammer. So the scammer fell into the trap.

Fraudsters called an 80-year-old woman from the Würzburg district and demanded that she pay bail for a family member in order to spare him a prison sentence. This is a well-known scam that is unfortunately widespread at the moment. Unfortunately, what happened afterwards is less widespread: The police were able to arrest one of the scammers, as the Bavarian police report here.

Elderly woman sees through the scammer

Because the 80-year-old saw through the scammer on the phone, but didn’t let it show. The elderly woman pretended to be involved in the fraud and made an appointment to hand over the money, but immediately informed the police after the end of the phone call.

3.5 hours after the call, officers from the Würzburg criminal police arrested a 41-year-old man from Poland, who was supposed to be used by the call center scammers to collect money. However, the police could not find loot from possible other crimes on the arrested person.

The investigating judge ordered pre-trial detention. The Würzburg criminal police are now trying to identify the backers.

Police ask for help

Anyone who made suspicious observations near the crime scene of the handover attempt in Rimpar on Wednesday (May 18, 2022) or who can otherwise give clues as to the identity of the wanted person are urgently asked to call Tel. 0931/457-1732 .

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