Travel associations consider summer travel to be safe

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Many Germans are currently facing the question of whether – and if so how – a summer vacation will be possible. At least the “German Travel Association” (DRV) and the Federal Association of the “German Aviation Industry” (BDL) are sure that summer vacations will be possible without hesitation – even by plane.

The interest groups estimate that there is little risk of being infected with viruses on board an aircraft: According to them, high-performance filters reliably remove dust, bacteria and viruses from the air we breathe. In addition, the cabin air with the supply of fresh air would be completely exchanged every three minutes, with the air flow flowing from top to bottom and not horizontally, explains BDL general manager Matthias von Randow.

This makes planes “the safest place in the travel chain,” von Randow continues. In addition, there would be extensive protection and hygiene measures on board and at the airports, which had been developed in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Transport. These fully comply with the guidelines recently put forward by the EU Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) and the EU Disease Control Authority (ECDC).

“It will be significantly emptier this summer in the hotels and on the beaches, which is why a relaxing holiday is possible”

The DRV general manager Dirk Inger is convinced that even at the popular tourist destinations, adequate protection against infection can be guaranteed. The spectrum ranges from distance and hygiene regulations at meeting points and in vehicles through extensive measures to protect holidaymakers and employees in hotels to the location-specific statutory hygiene regulations.

The everywhere increased security measures should not, however, diminish the desire to travel, because they are “now also practice in everyday life,” said Inger.

In addition, the risk of infection is low anyway, because the total number of holidaymakers in the tourist regions will certainly be lower this year, says Inger: “It will be significantly emptier this summer in the hotels and on the beaches, which is why a relaxing holiday is possible.”



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