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This is evident from the Columbus Travel survey ‘traveling after corona’, in which 3,338 Dutch people participated.

Almost half of the respondents still want to enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands and abroad this year. 42% indicate that they only want to travel abroad and only three percent do not want to go on holiday at all.


Compared to last spring, when Columbus also researched the travel wishes and plans of the Dutch, there is much more enthusiasm to go out into the wide world. Respondents indicate that this is largely due to corona fatigue; many Dutch people want to catch up and compensate for the trips they were unable to make last year.

They are willing to pay a lot of money for that; more than half of Dutch travelers plan to spend up to 3000 euros on holidays this year. Just under 5% is willing to pay more than 10,000 euros.


The high season months of July and August are this year overthrown by September as the favorite travel period for a holiday abroad. For most people there is still too much uncertainty in the summer months.

Spring and early summer are therefore again popular periods for a holiday in your own country.

Far away

European countries remain favorite holiday destinations, but faraway countries are advancing. The Dutch feel like traveling to faraway destinations such as Indonesia and the United States.

The top 15:

1. Spain

2. Italy

3. Germany

4. Greece

5. France

6. Portugal

7. Austria

8. Norway

9. Iceland

10. Croatia

11. Belgium

12. Indonesia

13. Switzerland

14. USA

15. Sweden


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