Travel: Why you should buy a plane ticket now – and why not

The empty Chicago O'Hare International Airport in the US state of Illinois.

The empty Chicago O’Hare International Airport in the US state of Illinois.

Ryan Ewing

Under normal circumstances, we would now be close to the summer travel season.

But Corona is putting a spank on holiday planning this year, most trips cannot take place in the next few months.

But should you already plan ahead and book for the end of the year? There are some arguments for this – but a lot also against it.

Usually the travel season of the year starts soon. But because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, things are different this summer. Millions of travelers are forced to cancel their trips because travel restrictions and border closures severely restrict freedom of movement.

The airlines’ flight plans have also been mixed up. Flights were canceled and merged in bulk. Read Too

The corona pandemic has virtually paralyzed passenger aviation – these graphics show how empty the sky is today

The pandemic is affecting the tourism industry. But people want to continue traveling. Optimists are already looking for the best deals for future trips as soon as the crisis is over. For some travel destinations, travel for the coming autumn and winter has never been cheaper. The airlines are trying to recoup the profits lost in the spring.

However, experts warn that business will not recover as quickly as some airlines hope. It could take up to a year or more for travel to return to normal.

These reasons now speak for or against planning a trip


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