Traveling from Belgium almost allowed again: this map shows you where you can enter and under what conditions

The ban on non-essential travel to and from Belgium will be lifted on Sunday night. Then it is again possible to travel abroad. However, it remains quite a task to know in which countries you are welcome as a Belgian and what conditions apply. Fortunately, there is now a handy interactive map to help you find your way.

The ban on non-essential travel in Belgium has been controversial since its introduction at the end of January. There was criticism from both the political angle and the business community, but it was mainly the European Union that exerted pressure to lift the ban. That will also happen next Sunday night. From Monday, April 19, you no longer need an essential reason to travel to and from Belgium.

Corona testing and quarantine

Yet there are still many limitations. Many countries worldwide still keep their borders (partly) closed. In addition, there are also many countries that require travelers to spend some time in quarantine upon arrival. Finally, most countries also ask you to submit a negative corona test before you are admitted.

To help travelers figure out where they can and cannot travel to, travel company Sherpa has created an interactive map that shows travelers where they can go based on the country they are departing from. To see the correct information, select ‘Belgium’ as the starting point at the top of the map.

Situation for Belgians

The map then shows in orange countries whose borders are closed to non-essential travelers from Belgium. The yellow countries are countries where you must submit a negative corona test and are also required to be quarantined. You can get more details about the exact terms and conditions by clicking on the country on the site.

In light green countries, only a negative corona test is required. Dark green countries have no restrictions whatsoever. At the moment, this only applies to Belgians in Mexico, Costa Rica, Tanzania and Albania. There are also some gray countries for which no information is available. This usually concerns countries that are difficult to enter anyway. For the most up-to-date information, we still recommend that you visit the website of FPS Foreign Affairs.

The situation for Belgians on April 14, 2021 – Source: Sherpa


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