Trekking e-bike Prophete is now a whole 526 euros cheaper at Lidl

The Lidl online shop starts on August 11th. the big bike week “Off on the bike” – with worthwhile offers for everything to do with bikes. Price tip: The all-rounder e-bike Prophete is on sale for 1,099 euros instead of 1,625 euros. More info in this post.

The e-trekking bike Prophete is a real all-rounder and suitable for all types of routes – as long as you don’t have too high sporting demands. The e-bike is practical for trips in the city, to work, and is also comfortable on longer tours in the country. Lidl is now offering the Prophete e-bike at a great price advantage. The bike costs 1,099 euros instead of 1,624.95 euros.

You save 32 percent or 526 euros compared to the RRP.

Prophete e-bike aluminum trekking for 1,099 euros instead of 1,625 euros

The Prophete E-Bike Alu-Trekking is available in two frame shapes: one for men with a diamond frame and one for women with the typical trapezoidal frame (same price). The wheel size and frame height are the same for both variants.

For the campaign week “Off on the bike” at Lidl

How good is the Lidl offer?

In the price segment of around 1,000 euros, you shouldn’t normally expect too much from an e-bike. The manufacturer specifies a normal price of around 1,600 euros for this bike, which puts it in the mid-range of e-trekking bikes in terms of price. However, if you look at the high-quality equipment that the Prophete comes with, then even the 1,600 euros is quite fair.

The e-bike is powered by a Blaupunkt rear motor; the 8-speed derailleur is from Shimano; a suspension fork from SUNTOUR ensures good shock absorption. In addition, the aluminum frame ensures that the Prophete is comparatively light. And it’s quite robust: It carries riders (or a total weight) of up to 150 kilograms.

Prophete e-bike aluminum trekking for 1,099 euros instead of 1,625 euros

Idealo price comparison:

In other online shops we only discovered the predecessor model Prophete discoverer from 2020. This is available from 999 euros (at Alternate) and differs from the Lidl model in that it has a different circuit, for example: Prophete discoverers from 2020 from 999 euros

Technical data of the e-trekking bike Alu Prophete

  • Wheel size: 28 inches

  • Frame height: 50 / 52cm

  • Equipment according to StVZo: Yes

  • Frame: aluminum

  • Bike stand: URSUS rear stand

  • Luggage rack: Made of aluminium

  • Electric current: 10.4Ah

  • Voltage: 36 volts

  • Energy: 374.4 watt hours

  • Drive: rear engine

  • Pushing aid: Yes

  • Range: max. 100 km (depending on driving style)

  • Charging time: about 4.5 hours

  • Weight: about 25 kg

  • Permissible total weight: approx. 150 kg

To the Prophete e-bike aluminum trekking at Lidl

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