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Trend products 2021: These products are trendy this year

Transparent speakers from People People

Madeindesign / People People

We survived 2020. However, we still cannot go back to our normal everyday life before the pandemic for the time being. Concerts, festivals and football games have to wait. Our center of life will also initially revolve around the couch and dining table in 2021. Last year it was already clear that it doesn’t always have to mean terrible boredom. Quite a few discovered the DIY queen or the DIY king in themselves – and literally furnished their own four walls. With this in mind, the trend products for 2021 will be geared towards your home.

In this article:

  • Wireless charging station in wood look – 39.99 euros at Amazon *
  • Apple MagSafe Duo charger – 134.12 euros at Otto *
  • Arendo Aroma Diffuser with LED color change – 59.95 euros at Otto *
  • Transparent loudspeaker boxes by People People – 500.00 euros at Made in Design *
  • Smart socket “Smart Plug” from Philips – € 28.99 at Otto *
  • Space Hippie Sneaker (Generation 4) – 139.00 euros at About You *
  • Vacuum robot Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950 – 379.00 euros at Media Markt *
  • Philips Hue LED table lamp “Iris” – 94.99 euros at Otto *
  • Figuier candle by Diptyque – € 248.57 at Douglas *

1. Wireless charging stations with a wooden look

The advantage of a wireless charging station is obvious: you can simply place your smartphone on the device and the process starts without having to connect anything to your phone. That sounds like a small thing at first, but it is much more relaxed in everyday life than conventional wired charging. Wireless products promise a little bit of freedom and flexibility that we will definitely need in 2021.

Wireless charging station from Wireless Charging – 39.99 euros on Amazon *

For example: The elegant charging station in wood look from the manufacturer wireless charging for iPhones. During processing, great importance was attached to not using plastic – and, great too, a tree is automatically planted with every purchase. Cost: 39.99 euros.

Apple MagSafe Duo charger – 134.12 euros at Otto *

If you want to use an original Apple product, you can treat yourself to the MagSafe Duo. The charging station can support two devices at the same time. In the second generation there are now two interconnected square charging capsules. One is equipped with a magnet large enough to charge iPhones. The second is for accessories like AirPods. It can be used to charge compatible iPhones, Apple Watch models, wireless charging cases for AirPods and other Qi-certified devices.

2. The diffuser made of wood is the wellness gadget 2021

Diffusers are great little devices. Not only can they provide the much-needed humidity in your home, but they also have a host of therapeutic benefits by spreading essential oils. With a diffuser you can wrap your home in a pleasant scent at the push of a button. The oils are transformed into aromatic steam in the device, which ensures relaxation while you sink into your book on the couch. Also great: You can get creative yourself. There is a large selection of oils that you can combine, not to mention the classic smells like eucalyptus, lavender or mint.

Arendo Aroma Diffuser with LED color change – 59.95 euros at Otto *

Diffusers including lighting, such as the Arendo Aroma Diffuser, spread a very special vibe. According to the manufacturer, Arendo has three functions: It is not only an aroma diffuser and humidifier, but also a night light with LED color change. It can also only be used as a lamp. The LED lighting in white, purple, yellow, blue, green and turquoise is available in two brightness levels. Cost: 59.95 euros.

3. Transparent loudspeakers: You can’t get more minimalism!

For all minimalists and design junkies, transparent loudspeakers should be a real temptation to shop this year. We remember: the minimalist lifestyle is a fundamental attitude with the aim of removing everything superfluous – and leaving space only for the essentials. In addition to neatly sorted wardrobes and optimally optimized food storage, the trend does not stop at design either. If you want to be as minimalist as possible, there is no avoiding transparent speaker boxes this year.

Transparent loudspeaker boxes by People People – 500.00 euros at Made in Design *

The small loudspeaker boxes from the Swedish design studio People People come in two colors: black or white. The housing is made of aluminum and safety glass and is accordingly robust. According to the manufacturer, the Transparent Speaker Small is “not only a beautiful object, but also a speaker with remarkable sound properties”. In addition, it offers enough connection options for peripheral devices so that it does not become outdated immediately. A smartphone, laptop or audio player can be connected via two analog inputs for mini jack plugs. Cost: 500.00 euros.

4. Smart sockets aka smart plugss

No, this is not a sex toy. A so-called smart plug is an intelligent plug that opens up a new technological world between your socket and the connected device. Various functions such as the light settings of a lamp can be set with a smart plug via smartphone. For example, you could turn off the light from your bed.

Smart socket “Smart Plug” from Philips – € 28.99 at Otto *

A great product is the Philips Hue SmartPlug, which is an accessory for the Hue lighting system. It enables voice control of any lamp – and is available for a number of smart home systems: Amazon Echo Smart Home, Google Home, Apple, HomeKit, Bosch Smart Home, Magenta Smart Home. Cost: 28.99 euros.

5. Sustainable sneakers

Sustainable sneakers won’t be an issue until 2021. In recent years, many well-known and unknown brands have worked on the idea of ​​producing a sneaker that leaves a sustainable ecological footprint. With the Space Hippie from Nike, what was probably the first really stylish eco-sneaker was launched last year. The shoes of the Space Hippie collection are made from waste and recycled materials – and are already available in the fourth generation. We are excited to see when the next drop will follow and, above all, how other big players in the sports industry will follow suit.

Space Hippie Sneaker (Generation 4) – 139.00 euros at About You *

A fourth generation design is currently available in the “About You” shop. The Nike Space comes in restrained beige, light blue and white and costs 139.00 euros.

6. Robot hoover

Robot vacuum cleaners made their big debut last year – not only in apartments around the world, but also on the social web as a means of transport for cats and dogs. And this year too, our kitchens and living rooms cannot be imagined without smart cleaning devices. For all those who missed the hype, here’s the big advantage to take notes: A vacuum robot can take the strain off the household incredibly well. With the help of infrared sensors and ultrasonic sensors, it can vacuum independently – even when nobody is at home.

Vacuum robot Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950 – 379.00 euros at Media Markt *

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950 can vacuum for 200 minutes at a time, can be controlled via an app and has three suction levels, according to the manufacturer, “the right suction power for every type of dirt and soil”.

7. Stylish LED mini lamps

The perfect illumination of your own four walls is a little science in itself. In addition to ceiling lights and floor lamps, you can get a lot out of your light atmosphere with small table lamps. Because the mini light dispensers in particular ensure the really cozy lighting atmosphere. In the interior sector, small LED lamps will play a major role in 2021 – after all, they often also serve as design objects that round off the living experience.

Philips Hue LED table lamp “Iris” – 94.99 euros at Otto *

For example the LED table lamp Iris from Philipps with integrated light sources, smart lighting control via Bluetooth or Hue Bridge, a selection of 16 million colors and deep dimming function, which means that you can dim to one percent light brightness, ideal as a night light! Cost: 94.99 euros.

8. Luxury scented candles

Cards on the table: Overpriced scented candles will not leave us this year either. The trend remains – and we have to admit that we too indulged at least one last year. Once you have a piece like this on your bedside table, you know how great it is to light the pleasantly smelling candle in a thick glass jacket. In the end, it’s probably more of a self-care act than a truly revolutionary product, but that too is a perfectly legitimate purchase every now and then.

Figuier candle by Diptyque – € 248.57 at Douglas *

We recommend the scented candles from Diptyque, which score with a burn time of around 150 hours and are suitable for indoors and outdoors. Height: 17.5 centimeters, diameter: 16 centimeters. Cost: 248.57 euros.


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