Trick: from normal Benz to AMG in 2 minutes!

From normal Benz to AMG in 2 minutes!

AMG feeling for the basic Mercedes: This simple trick conjures up the three fast letters from Affalterbach on infotainment instead of the star. It’s that easy!

DSpice up your own diesel E-Class with a bit of sporty flair? No problem if the COMAND system is on board! With a simple tweak, Benz infotainment greets the driver with the AMG logo instead of the Mercedes star. Background: Versions of different Mercedes models are stored in the COMAND system, between which you can switch back and forth. How To Cars explains how to do it. An important detail must be observed, however, otherwise there is a risk of damage!

Several Mercedes series are stored ex works in the COMAND system. A hidden service submenu allows you to switch between the different versions. This menu is accessed by the following steps: First turn the ignition key to position 1, then press the SERV key (service) on the keypad to the left of the infotainment screen. Then the keys 5, 3 and 7 (exactly in this order) must be pressed one after the other on the number field on the right and held together for approx. Five seconds. Now you are in the said service menu.

The AMG logo greets you at the next start

For example, to switch from a W211 E-Class to the AMG version, simply select “AMG211_ECE” instead of “W211_ECE” (ECE stands for the European version). Now click “Back”, switch off the ignition and lock the car for one minute. And quick – the AMG logo greets you the next time you start the engine! The process is illustrated by a video from the YouTube channel “KillerHERTZ” at the end of this article.

Not all versions are compatible

The Trick works for Mercedes S-Class, CLS, E-Class, SL, CLK and SLK with NTG1.0 COMAND infotainment from the years of construction 2003 to 2005. Of course, the little “hack” doesn’t make the mobile pedestal any faster. But who knows, maybe one or the other passenger can be impressed with it. Conversely, the trick also works: If you drive AMG and like Sleeper, you can camouflage your Sport-Benz a little better this way. But be careful, one thing is extremely important and must be observed: Only the series that fits the car may be selected! In theory, it would be possible to switch from an E-Class to Maybach. That sounds tempting but destroys infotainment and makes it unusable. Reason: The button assignment is different at Maybach than at Mercedes. To get the system up and running again, it has to be completely reset. The process in the video:


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