Trickery with cryptocurrency: Helium HTN advertises with false customers

With helium you should earn money without work in the form of the cryptocurrency HNT. But now it turns out that Helium has advertised with prominent customers who do not use the Helium network at all.

Among other things, Helium lists the companies that use its Helium network. Until recently, you could also read the names Lime and Salesforce there – these were the most prominent users of the Helium network. As we wrote in our Helium guide at the time, “although the list currently only features a few well-known names, with the exception of Salesforce and Lime.” But both names no longer appear in the compilation.

The Verge gives the reason (in more detail at Mashable): Helium advertised with the prominent name of the e-scooter rental company Lime, although Lime only tested it briefly at the beginning of the Helium network, but has not had any contact with Helium since 2019 and whose network would no longer be used. The well-known cloud computing company Salesforce also stated that it would not use Helium technology and that it would not be correct for the Salesforce logo to be listed on the Helium partner site.

Shortly after first Mashable and then The Verge reported that Lime and Salesforce were not Helium customers, Helium removed all references to Lime and Salesforce from its partner website. When asked by The Verge, Helium did not respond.

This is how helium and HNT work

The principle behind helium is simple: you buy one of the helium hotspots, which often cost hundreds and sometimes up to 1000 euros, set them up at home and they then set up a small wireless network.

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These individual wireless networks are also connected to each other and also connected to the Internet via your router at home. Companies can now use this radio network for their own purposes and send data over it, for example position or billing data – Helium therefore competes with SIM cards and mobile phone networks as a transmission path, for example. As the operator of a helium hotspot, you receive a reward from the helium network in the form of HNT. You can then exchange this cryptocurrency for euros on a crypto exchange. We present helium and HNT in detail in this guide: Earn money with helium miners without work – this is how it works with the cryptocurrency HNT.

On YouTube and in the social networks, however, rather unrealistic expectations of the rain of money are aroused. There is sometimes talk of 100 euros in income per month without having to do anything for it. However, the reality is likely to be very different at the moment, as a look at the Helium Explorer shows: If you earn a little over 3 euros in a month, then you’re in good shape. If you consider the high investment costs for a helium miner of several 100 euros, then it should be clear that the dream of getting rich quickly with helium HNT really remains a dream.

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