Tried Jimmy V53: Feather-light cordless vacuum cleaner in the test

A cheap cordless vacuum cleaner worth € 200 with lots of accessories and good performance? The Jimmy V53 test report shows that.

Every now and then we try out gadgets beyond our actual topics. We have had a Jimmy V53 with us for a review for a few weeks, a feather-light cordless vacuum cleaner with a modern design. One could also see it as a Dyson replica. Only much cheaper and sufficient for most people. Since using vacuum robots, I have been considering how we can support them or replace them if necessary. We probably even found what we were looking for, because the Jimmy V53 was able to delight us in the first few weeks.

On the topic just mentioned: I am currently using an Eufy robot vacuum in the upper area of ​​the apartment and have a similar device in the lower area of ​​the apartment. So far, so okay. But not only our carpet causes various problems for the vacuum robots, these devices also do not come into every corner by far and the stairs are inevitably an insurmountable obstacle. So we still have to vacuum certain areas ourselves or clear them for a cleaning run for the robot. Smart home? Rather not.

Old vacuum cleaners suck well, but they are damn heavy

We still have an old Miele vacuum cleaner that almost pulls the window glass out of the frame. But the part is heavy, has a cable and requires bags. In addition, the head is relatively clumsy and due to its size, the Miele vacuum cleaner cannot be described as handy. So much for our story. I had already looked at Roidmi, Jimmy and Dreame, who are all very attractive, anyway. In cooperation with Geekmaxi, we were able to agree on a Jimmy V53, which is priced somewhere in the middle at around € 190.

Incidentally, as far as I know, this Chinese brand has absolutely nothing to do with Xiaomi. But it is stated everywhere in the shops. Roborock and Roidmi are brands of Xiaomi, the remaining manufacturers mostly only had successful crowdfunding projects on the Xiaomi platform Youpin. Anyway, in the end a lot of hardware comes from the same factories anyway. The name on the devices probably plays a subordinate role. You can also see if you compare the “different” devices and their construction.

Jimmy: Our new cordless vacuum cleaner has a name

Kind of a cool name, Jimmy. V53 is the model. Don’t ask me what the others can do better or worse. I had looked on the net and came to the conclusion that the V53 meets our needs and is also extremely cheap. The scope of delivery has already proven this. Five essays are included. A large head with an electric roller, a small head with an electric roller (mite attachment) and various simple brush attachments. An aluminum extension, a battery and a simple wall bracket were also included in the package. EU power supply and – hopefully real – CE logo complete the package.

Jimmy V53 review

The Jimmy can be used with and without extension. In a short version, the bed, the couch and the car seats can also be cleaned quickly and easily. The notable features also include the removable (!) Battery, which can be charged inside and outside the vacuum cleaner. The power button is also worth mentioning. While this has to be operated permanently with some other devices, you can let go of it immediately after switching on. I wanted to gain comfort, not lose it.

A lightweight with which even stairs can be fun

Our long staircase with 19 steps has never been fun to vacuum. But now. Or at least it’s a task that makes me no longer wake up sweaty at night. Without crap, the Jimmy has such a flexible head and is so light that the apartment, including stairs, is vacuumed quickly and extremely comfortably. All corners are also easily accessible due to the articulated brush head. Since we have the Jimmy with us, I automatically suck a little more often.

It’s pretty easy to take the thing in your hand, so that you can quickly vacuum a few square meters and take it down the stairs with the next course. I probably don’t have to hold a long monologue about the advantages of battery over cable. About the possible term. Never measured to the minute. But I would say that I suck about 200 square meters without turbo mode. More or less. But most commercially available apartments should be able to easily manage with one battery charge. The manufacturer promises a runtime of 45 minutes.

Turbo mode is significantly less. Really a lot less. Just a few minutes, the manufacturer says eight. But I rarely need turbo mode. Not even for our carpet, which really likes to hold every crumb. The automatically rotating roller, which compensates for the lack of suction, is an advantage. With success. In addition, it almost pulls the helmsman of the Jimmy V53 after it. Suction is therefore even easier with the V53. Unfortunately not easy enough so that the cat can do our job. Too bad.

Get rid of the dirt

Fortunately, the so-called turbo mode is rarely needed. Actually never. We get our apartment pretty quick with the Jimmy V53 in the simple setting. Even the rather stubborn carpet is easy to clean, the active roller mentioned here should be crucial for success. Zero problems with cat litter and similar dirt. I am ultimately very satisfied with the cleaning performance. I really wouldn’t have expected that. We currently live without children and only with a cat, so we don’t carry a lot of dirt into the apartment anyway.

The dust chamber can be opened at the push of a button to empty the V53. In my eyes, everything is very intuitive and smooth. Individual parts of the V53 can be removed in a few seconds. I would rate the overall build quality as good. Of course, there would be more, but only then in higher price ranges. The Jimmy V53 doesn’t look cheap, at least not after a few weeks of use. A long-term change in the situation cannot be ruled out.

Jimmy V53 review

Jimmy V53 review


On the one hand, you have to rely on the fact that accessories will continue to be available in any online shop in the future. Nothing can simply be bought in free retail. If this brand disappears from the market at some point, accessories from third-party suppliers can hardly be expected. For many consumers, this is probably less than optimal. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily buy a vacuum cleaner worth € 190 forever. In addition, the battery charges really slowly, it takes a few hours for a full charge. There is also no indication of how full or empty the battery is. At some point the vacuum will simply go out when the battery is exhausted. After all, a green LED signals when the battery is fully charged.

Conclusion: finally away with the vacuum robots

In the past few months, our setup has consisted of vacuum robots and handheld vacuum cleaners with cables. The basic problem of all vacuum robots is still not being able to clean stairs. There are also so many corners that they cannot reach, so we cannot avoid manual reworking. Things have been a thorn in my side for a while, I wrote in the introduction. We have now found a replacement. With the feather-light cordless vacuum cleaner I am through the apartment so quickly that vacuum robots are now history for me.

We had been using the Jimmy V53 for about three weeks and were very impressed with the overall performance when used in everyday life. Again and again with the detail in mind that no € 200 is due for it. There are certainly better devices with more functionality or other highlights, but this all-rounder should be ideal for most flat-sharing communities. I would only wish for a battery station in which I can charge two or more batteries.

  • 20,000 pa suction power
  • up to 70 db loud
  • 2500 mAh battery, approx. 45 min run time
    4 – 5 hours charging time
  • 300 ml container for dust / dirt
  • HEPA filter
  • 1.46 kg weight

Two words about the dealer and partner for this test report: We had received the test device from Geekmaxi. A previously unknown online shop for all electronics that can be used in everyday life. The shipping was reliable in a few days, so we have had pretty positive experiences.


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