Trigema boss Wolfgang Grupp does not believe in New Work

Wolfgang Grupp, owner and managing director of the textile company Trigema.

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At least since the outbreak of the coronavirus and the associated change in everyday work, a clear change in German corporate culture has been noticeable. Home office and virtual meetings not only change social interaction, but can also offer space for more flexible working hours.

Wolfgang Grupp, owner and managing director of the textile company Trigema, is skeptical of this change. In an interview with the news magazine “Focus Online” on leadership and performance, the German entrepreneur spoke out against innovative work concepts such as flexible time management. For Grupp this would send the wrong signals to the employees and apparently too high a priority would be given to private life. However, he expects his employees to put work and performance first.

High expectations of yourself and the employees

These expectations are also reflected in communication. As Grupp emphasized in the interview, he rejects the Duzen because it is important to be respectful and that is the only way he can expect “decency and performance” in return.

Furthermore, Grupp cannot imagine a reduced management of the company and expects full commitment from itself and its employees. As he explained in the interview, he claims to be always present and available for feedback from his employees. These in turn would also stand up for the company “because they are needed and are aware of it”.

Grupp emphasized to “Focus Online” that good cooperation among staff is important in order to ensure the company’s success. If the employees are satisfied, this is reflected in their performance and career of the company.

My employees have to be fine for me to be fine

In return, he says he is not too good for anything to keep his employees busy. For this it is essential to react to the realities of the market and to show flexibility.

The entrepreneur sees flexibility as necessary, especially when the economic situation changes. It is important to recognize and implement a change in good time in order to remain successful as a company. Only because of this did his company set up its own online mail order business years ago and thus now survived the coronavirus crisis well, as Grupp explained to “Focus Online”.

This article was published by in June 2020. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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