Trucker freaks out and destroys Ferrari GTC4 from the boss!

Trucker destroys the chief Ferrari!

Strange but true. An angry truck driver crushed his boss’s Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso with a truck. The background to the fact is strange.

EAn incredible story is currently circulating in the United States. Protagonists: an angry truck driver, a huge truck and a rather expensive Italian supercar. As can be seen in several pictures that are currently circulating on social media, the employee of a shipping company on the company premises in Chicago (US state of Illinois) went completely nuts: he pushed a tractor onto a white Ferrari GTC4 Lusso. The more than 260,000 euro luxury sledge was completely destroyed in the brutal attack. Spicy: The Ferrari didn’t belong to anyone, but to the boss of the anger trucker. The background of the mad act has not yet been confirmed. According to a report by the renowned car portal “Carscoops”, the killing spree had an almost unbelievable history.

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The incredible story of a killing spree

Accordingly, the Ferrari crasher should have started as a driver in the company just before. However, doubts quickly arose as to whether the man was suitable for the job. Therefore, he is said to have driven only one tour until this blatant incident. Furthermore, he had stress with the boss because he absolutely wanted to drive a brand new 2020 truck, but the company only produced a 2019 model. Because the employee didn’t want to calm down, the shipping company decided to throw him out. Without a fight and with regular compensation, the informant assured. When the man received the notice, he is said to have gone completely nuts. He therefore stormed into the parking lot, grabbed the next best truck and drove repeatedly against the pitiful Ferrari – until he came to a halt on its roof. Before that, he is said to have asked the head of the company whether this was his car. This could not stop him, was almost injured himself during the action. The nightmare finally ended when the police appeared and dragged the amok driver out of the vehicle. He now has to answer in court. Various rumors are circulating on the Internet, another version says that the trucker was upset because he had not received a bonus. Another wants to know that the boss no longer wanted to pay his employees. The incident is still under investigation.


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