Truecam M9 GPS 2.5k: Dashcam in the test

Dashcam test

Truecam M9 GPS 2.5k


Truecam M9 GPS 2.5k

  • QHD resolution (1440p)
  • GPS module
  • High quality

price € 159.99

Test results: Truecam M9 GPS 2.5k

Service: When it comes to operation, the Truecam M9 is not entirely intuitive. Similar to the sister model Truecam M5 WiFi, it only has two buttons for operation on the camera. You have to move through the menus with different key combinations of short, long or double presses – annoying mistakes are inevitable. There is also no specially marked button to manually block a recording in an emergency. After all: the dashcam can be connected to the mobile phone via the wifi interface. Recordings can be managed and individual settings made via the app. Otherwise, the dashcam performs well – it is easy to install and adjust. All the desired functions are available, the M9 also offers one-minute loops that were not yet available on the M5.
Rating “service”: 14 out of 20 points

Picture quality: The maximum resolution of the Truecam M9 is 2560 x 1440 pixels – hence the “2.5k” in the product name. The camera creates 30 images per second. That’s okay, but 60 frames would be preferable. Overall, the images are clear and sharp, the only thing missing is the brightness. The colors are not very brilliant, especially during the day, and the picture becomes a little darker at the edges – but that’s more of a visual point of criticism. This does not change the suitability of the videos as evidence. The night shots are also clear, sharp and also bright enough to see everything important. The angle of view of 150 degrees ensures that even wide streets can be filmed completely. A rear camera can be purchased as an option. If it is connected, both cameras have a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). The rear camera (130 degrees wide angle) also takes good pictures – there is nothing to complain about here.
“Quality” rating: 14 out of 20 points

Security: If you want to record speed and position on the video, you can connect the separate GPS module. At night, however, the bright, blue light that the GPS connection shows can cause irritation. In addition, the Truecam M9 offers a parking mode that detects vibrations even when the car is parked and activates the recording. However, this requires a permanent power supply (attention, battery killer), because the camera does not have a battery. The dashcam also offers an integrated Radar detector. In Germany, however, it is advisable to deactivate the function, as speed camera detectors are not permitted.
“Safety” rating: 9 out of 10 points

Summary and data at a glance

Conclusion: Except for small mistakes in operation and slight deductions in terms of image quality, there is nothing to complain about with the Truecam M9. She does a good job in the test. In view of this and the range of functions, the price of around 160 euros for the dashcam is justified, although not a bargain.

Price: 160 euros
Max. Resolution: QHD (1440p) at 30 fps; Rear camera Full HD (1080p) at 30 fps
Recording angle: 150 °, rear camera 130 °
sD: up to 128 GB, from Class 10
Display: 2 inch LCD display
GPS: Yes
Length of recording: 1/3/ 5 min loops

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