Trump administration postpones TikTok deadline by two weeks

For the forced deal, the deadline was actually due to expire this week. That will now be November 27, American media report.

But ByteDance is also pursuing a lawsuit on the matter in the US court of appeal. There, the Chinese were told on Thursday that they have until December 14 to submit certain documents in their objection procedure. So several deadlines are intermingled.


Complicating the situation is that Trump recently lost the presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden. It is unclear whether this will have any consequences for TikTok.

Oracle and Walmart

The app with over 100 million US users has been under heavy fire in the US for some time now. According to the Trump administration, TikTok stores too much data, which ends up with the Chinese government via the Chinese parent company ByteDance. The president therefore demanded that TikTok’s US operations be sold to an American party.

In September, he agreed to a deal between ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart that would transfer TikTok’s US operations into a new company.

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