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Trump an American Dream is the documentary series to watch now

Impeachment or not, Donald Trump’s empire is on the verge of collapsing. We know the swearing and tweets of recent years, now it is time for some clarification. Trump: An American Dream is the documentary series on Netflix to watch now.

“The world is made up of predators and prey. I am a predator, ”says the very young Donald Trump in one of his first public interviews. In a Netflix documentary, made by 72 Films, it becomes clear who this man is and what moved him.

The Life Path of Donald Trump

Central in Trump: An American Dream stands the obsessive urge to outperform his father Fred, real estate developer and philanthropist. Donald Trump’s first success was a skyscraper, which he bought in 1979 for $ 25 million. He renamed it Trump Tower and at that time already knew how to play the media in an ingenious way. The tower was widely reported as a personal success that it would live on for a long time to come.

In reality, the ideas usually came from others, but a brand was born. Everything Trump was glued to grew into a success. At least, that’s what the wild businessman made appear. After the real estate, the casinos followed and they only brought about serious problems. Donald Trump turned the casino world upside down with entertainment palaces like Taj Mahal Atlantic City. But he suffered losses everywhere and debts were piling up. Here he started to live from trial to trial, and he usually got away with it. The role of Deutsche Bank in this is not underexposed in the documentary series.

5 reasons to watch Trump: An American Dream on Netflix

There are more interesting elements in it Trump: An American Dream than his career. Only the unique images from the 80s and 90s are wonderful. Along the zeitgeist of several Americas, watch the charming casino cowboy transform into a self-proclaimed ‘fangs predator. Friend and foe have their say, the Netflix documentary is more objective than is claimed. And what was the trigger to become president? Check out the full 5 reasons to watch this documentary series on Manners Magazine.

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Donald Trump is now the first president to ever face a second impeachment trial. An impeachment hangs over him. Keep an eye on Metronieuws for the latest news.

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Trump an American Dream is the Netflix documentary to watch now


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