Trump announces end of cooperation with WHO: United States largest donor

His threats and his argument with WHO have accompanied the corona crisis. Now US President wants Donald Trump to finally take it seriously. He has an end to the collaboration of the United States with the World Health Organization (WHO) announced. The one from the United States the WHO Funds provided so far would go to other global health purposes, said Trump on Friday at a short press conference.

Criticism also from experts

Trump threw the WHO again before, under control China to stand. In fact, international experts also criticize the fact that the World Health Organization too little pressure when dealing with the corona crisis China exercised and the course of action of government in Beijing have accepted unconditionally. So the charge was raised that China the epidemic had long tried to sweep under the carpet, or at least downplay it. Scientists who predicted the extent of the disease were silenced.

United States largest donor

In fact, the United States, or a final end to their payments plunge the UN organization into an existential crisis. The United States are by far the largest, with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual contributions Funders. Trump had put the first payments on hold a month ago and with the final termination of the relationship also in an open letter to the WHO The President’s National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, recently doubted the reformability of the World Health Organization. “I’m not sure that WHO can be redesigned and that we can WHO can save, “said O’Brien. The WHO of the past decade has been “corrupt” and has proven “dangerous” in the coronavirus pandemic.


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