Trump blow: Huawei celebrates smartphone breakthrough

Huawei manager Richard Yu introduces the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro. (Archive)

Huawei manager Richard Yu introduces the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro. (Archive)

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Just recently, US President Donald Trump seemed to have won a point in a match with the Chinese tech group Huawei that has now lasted more than a year. Great Britain decided to build the pioneering 5G mobile network without Huawei. The pressure from the United States on other allies rose to do the same for the British. These were difficult times for Huawei.

The joy in China about the latest analysis by the market research company Canalys should now be all the greater. According to this, no company worldwide sold more mobile phones than Huawei in the second quarter. The previous market leader Samsung from South Korea had to vacate its top position. He sold 53.7 million copies. From April to June, Huawei had 55.8 million worldwide.

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Huawei’s sales in China are increasing

Paradoxically, the course of the corona crisis benefited Huawei. The company now sells almost two thirds of its smartphones in China. There, the economy has recovered noticeably since April. This is another reason why Huawei’s sales there increased by eight percent.

In other countries, on the other hand, which remained in the corona shutdown for weeks in April and May, Huawei experienced setbacks. Worldwide, however, sales only shrank by five percent, although sales abroad fell by 27 percent. “Our business has shown exceptional resilience in these difficult times,” said a company spokesman for Reuters.

The situation at Samsung is different. The South Korean group is less strong in China than in the United States, Europe and Brazil. In the second quarter, its smartphone sales slumped by 30 percent, mainly due to corona. If these markets recover, Samsung could regain the top position, admitted an insider from the Huawei group.

And yet it is remarkable how well the Chinese company has survived sustained attacks from the United States. Since spring 2019, the U.S. government has prohibited any domestic company from trading with Huawei without a special license. The US accuses Huawei of being too close to the Chinese government and espionage. Huawei rejects that.

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Huawei far ahead of Apple? Trump couldn’t have wanted that

The Chinese company is no longer allowed to use Google’s in-house Android system for new smartphones. The collaboration with US chip manufacturer Qualcomm also ended abruptly. However, Huawei has found new ways and partners. The subsidiary HiSilicon even became the largest chip seller in the Chinese smartphone market in the first quarter of 2020, as the research institute CINNO Research reported. Read Too. Blow for Trump: With this pact, China is fully behind the US – and secures even more power

As early as January, US President Trump is said to have raged out of a phone call with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson because he did not want to exclude Huawei from the establishment of the 5G network. It is quite possible that the Canalys analysis will make his face flush again. Huawei, number one among the world’s smartphone sellers? And far ahead of the US rival Apple? Trump certainly shouldn’t have wanted that.

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