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Trump condemns violence on Capitol Hill

In the aftermath of a day of chaos that shook America, the outgoing president, accused by Joe Biden of having undermined democracy, launched a rare call for “reconciliation”, condemning “a heinous attack”.

In the aftermath of a day of chaos that shook America, the outgoing president, accused by Joe Biden of having undermined democracy, launched a rare call for “reconciliation”, condemning “a heinous attack”.

(AFP) – Donald Trump is changing his tone. In a video, the Republican president said he was “scandalized by the violence” deployed by a few hundred of his supporters, who invaded the seat of Congress on Wednesday. “We have just experienced an intense election and the emotions are strong”, but “we must calm down”, he added, while for two months he did not stop blowing on the embers of the division, brandishing conspiracy theories.

At no time in this message does he mention any responsibility for the violence of the day before. “I will now focus on an orderly and smooth transition of power,” he said in this message very close to a concession speech, even if he does not explicitly recognize his defeat against Joe Biden . The Democrat, whose victory has been certified by Congress despite this coup on Capitol Hill, will move to the White House in 13 days.

Without delay, he took on the role of leader in charge of healing the wounds of a bruised America which, according to him, has lived “one of the darkest days” in its history. Donald Trump has, for four years, “increased the assaults” against American democratic institutions and his campaign “culminated” Wednesday, he accused from his stronghold of Wilmington.

More and more isolated, Donald Trump had, before the posting of this video, spent the day in withdrawal. Temporarily deprived of social networks, he had let the spokesperson for the White House condemn in his name “appalling violence”. Conversely, a democratic concert loudly demanded his immediate departure.

“Not one more day”

“What happened on Capitol Hill was an insurgency against the United States, instigated by the president,” said Democratic Senators Leader Chuck Schumer. He “cannot stay in power one more day.” Echoing this, Nancy Pelosi, Democratic President of the House of Representatives, considered that dismissing Donald Trump was an “emergency of the greatest importance”. They urged Vice President Mike Pence to declare, with a government majority, that Donald Trump was “unfit” to perform his duties, based on the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

First Republican to take the plunge publicly, an elected member of the House, Adam Kinzinger, called Thursday to follow this path, unprecedented, “for the good” of American democracy. The loyal Mike Pence is not in favor, however, because he fears to escalate tensions, according to one of his relatives quoted in the New York Times. If he does not act, Congress could initiate impeachment proceedings, according to MM. Schumer and Pelosi. A group of elected Democrats in the House of Representatives, controlled by their party, were preparing Thursday morning to present articles of “impeachment”.


Mike Pence certified the victory of Joe Biden (306 voters against 232) in the middle of the night, in front of the two houses of Congress gathered for a special session. Supposed to be a mere formality, this certification turned to “insurrection”, “almost sedition” in the words of the president-elect, when a crowd of supporters of the outgoing president invaded the Capitol, interrupting the debates. The images taken from inside the majestic building will make history: elected officials wearing gas masks, plainclothes police officers with guns in hand, demonstrators in the offices of parliamentarians.

Four protesters died during the incidents, including a woman hit by a bullet fired by police, and a police officer died of her injuries Thursday night in hospital. These scenes aroused consternation and indignation across the world, and the image of the United States, which readily poses as a democratic model, has been permanently damaged.

Much criticized for his lack of anticipation, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has tendered his resignation. Justice has started tracking down those responsible. According to Washington Federal Attorney Michael Sherwin, 55 cases were opened in 36 hours. “This is only the beginning,” he said, explaining that hundreds of agents scoured social networks to identify the actors of this coup.


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