Trump donor wants millions back: “Empty promises”

“We are investigating, suing and uncovering illegal ballot papers and fraud in the presidential election,” said a group of supporters who asked President Trump for money to cover their legal costs. In seven contested states from Pennsylvania to Arizona, the group with the title “Truth for the Elections” went to various courts to challenge the supposedly wrong election result. The whole thing was part of the avalanche of trials organized by Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Litigation avalanche got stuck

It is well known that it got stuck quite hopelessly. A total of 38 trials that had been sought have since been rejected. Over the weekend, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by Trump attorneys as “unjustified”. Since the Trump Group has to finance all these lawsuits, but also the requested recounts – for example in Wisconsin – out of its own pocket, you need huge amounts of money and demand it from supporters in countless donation emails.

Generous donor

One such supporter is entrepreneur and investor Fredric Eshelman from the traditionally Republican state of North Carolina. Eshelmann let himself be carried away with a generous donation for the group: 2.5 million US dollars. But despite such donations, “Truth for the Elections” did not get any further with its complaints – and Eshelman’s disappointment and anger grew.

“I telephoned”

As a major donor, he actually expected regular information on the progress of the lawsuits, Eshelman told Bloomberg News. In the end he even started to make subsequent calls, but was only dismissed and dealt with with blanket comments: “All I received was vague information, platitudes and empty promises”.

In Texas in court

Finally it was enough for the entrepreneur. He filed a lawsuit against the group for the return of his donation in Houston, Texas. The group, which has apparently ceased its activities in the meantime, could not be reached for inquiries from international media. Only the website offered a little bit of vague information about other activities. Most current lawsuits have been withdrawn, but it is “not just about these elections, but about much more. We want to repair the system for future elections as well.”


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