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Trump gets headwind after firing official who investigated Minister Pompeo

The investigation into Pompeo would have revolved around possible abuse of power by Pompeo for personal interests. For example, the minister often flies abroad with the government plane, together with his wife. The latter criticizes him, because she has no official role. And according to unconfirmed reports, the minister also had a political assistant do chores for him and his wife, such as getting food and picking up the dog.

The Democrats called the resignation a disgrace, and according to the New York Times newspaper, two Democrats opened an investigation into the resignation on Saturday. These are the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives Eliot Engel and the chief Democrat in the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez. They accuse the administration of a “politically motivated dismissal”.

In a letter to the White House, the State Department and Linick himself, the two Democrats state that they believe that Linick had opened an investigation into Pompeo, and that Pompeo therefore recommended his resignation.

An anonymous White House source confirmed to The New York Times that Pompeo had indeed requested the inspector-general’s resignation and that Trump had agreed to it. The Pompeo spokesperson was not available for comment, the newspaper said.

Linick was appointed by Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama in 2013 to oversee the $ 70 billion of U.S. diplomacy. He is succeeded by Stephen Akard, a former assistant to Vice President Mike Pence.


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