Trump ministers consider impeachment of president, business leaders condemn Capitol riots

The violence in Washington, which killed four people, reverberates across the US. Politicians openly oppose Trump, including from his own party, and CEOs of big companies speak of “a dark moment.”

The US was briefly on fire on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, peace has returned and 52 people have been arrested, but the final word on the attack on the American house of democracy has not yet been said.

In fact, Trump’s cabinet officials are reportedly debating to impeach him on the basis of the 25th Amendment. That regulates succession if a president is “not considered fit” to proceed.

Because many consider Trump himself responsible for inciting his supporters, they want to invoke that amendment. The president eventually called on his supporters to go home, but then the damage had long been done.

Used three times

If that amendment were effectively invoked – the odds seem rather slim so shortly before the change of guard – it would be the first time it has been used in a situation unrelated to the physical health of a president. It has only been used three times in the past, once by Ronald Reagan and twice by George Bush Sr., each time those presidents had to undergo surgery. The custom is for the vice president to take over the presidential duties.

It is not surprising that Democratic politicians also want to see the Republican disappear as soon as possible. Ex-president Barack Obama calls the riots “a result of the fantasy story that Trump and his party are spreading”. “The story went further and further from reality and builds on years of resentment. This will be remembered as a moment of dishonor and shame for our nation, ”it said.

Former presidential candidate Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who was present in Congress as a member of the House of Representatives, is also calling for impeachment on Twitter.

The business community also has sharp reactions to the violence. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks of “a dark moment in our country’s history”. “I am very sad about this gang violence, because that is what it is. A peaceful transition between presidents is crucial to democratic functioning and our political leaders must lead by example and put the country first, ”he said. Facebook blocked Trump’s account for 24 hours after he allegedly spread misinformation, as did Twitter.


The CEO of the investment company Blackstone, who has long stood behind Trump, calls the violence “terrible and a mockery of democracy”. He says he is “shocked at the attempts to undermine the constitution. The results are clear and there must be a peaceful transition ”. This is striking, because he previously stood behind Trump’s attempts to challenge the election results.

Finally, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner also sees consequences of the riots. A lot of investors are calling to stop pumping money into Kushner’s businesses because “he tried to keep his father-in-law on the throne when he knew that would undermine the constitution.”


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