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US President Donald Trump has made promises following the official proclamation of Joe Biden as the next president. They come after a day full of riots in the US.

Trump promised not to make it difficult for Biden and is committed to an “orderly transition”. An official White House press release reads: “While I disagree with the election results, and the facts agree with me, an orderly transition will continue on January 20th.”

To be clear, of the countless lawsuits that Trump has filed, none have justified the president. Most are not even allowed to continue.

“Best First Term Ever”

“I’ve always said that we can continue our fight to make sure every legal vote is counted. This is the end of the best first term in presidential history, but it is only the first step in our fight to make America great again, ”Trump concluded with his MAGA slogan.

The United States has had a historic night out. During the official ratification of the votes of the electoral college, riots broke out. Protesters who believe the election was rigged stormed the Capitol Building, where Joe Biden’s ratification was underway. Four people were killed. Trump earlier in the day encouraged not to admit it, as many point to him as the cause of the break-in.

And now?

In the meantime, the uproar has largely subsided, but the riots are the final part of a combined election. That Trump now promises a peaceful transition is new. He still refuses to admit that Biden won, but may have to back down with the official nomination of the Democrat.

Trump has also lost a lot of support internally. There are voices to depose him before his last days, although that would not be of much use in practice. On January 20, Joe Biden is sworn in as president.


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