Trump skips Biden’s inauguration – but not in Scotland

“Should rather leave the White House”

According to earlier rumors, the president is said to have planned a game of golf instead. Most likely, however, he will only have his own golf resort in Florida at his disposal. Plans for a trip to Scotland were blocked by the local head of government. The still-US president did not want to watch the inauguration of his successor and instead wanted to fly to Scotland. The president also has a golf club there, even if it made negative headlines several times due to possible environmental damage in the area.

With this calculation, however, the Scottish government put a stop to him – even before the trip was confirmed by the White House. “I have no idea what Donald Trump’s travel plans look like,” responded the Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon to media reports on his alleged plans. Sturgeon went on to say that she “hope and expect” that Trump’s “current travel plans include the White House left “, poisoned the declared leftist Sturgeon against the right-wing populist US president:” We currently do not allow anyone to come to Scotland without a necessary reason – and that applies to him as to everyone else. “As an allusion to Trump’s regular visits to She only said snippily in Scotland: Playing golf is not a valid reason to circumvent the travel restrictions caused by Corona – not even for a US president.


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