Trump supporter Lil Pump was not registered to vote

Earlier this month, rapper Lil Pump expressed his support for Donald Trump in the US presidential election. Lil Pump (or, according to Donald Trump, Little Pimp) even crawled onto the stage with the current president to get everyone to vote for him. Only Lil Pump wouldn’t have done that himself.

Gucci Gangrapper Lil Pump did not hide the fact that he granted current US President Donald Trump a second term in office. It all started on Instagram. There, the rapper shared a story in which he made it very clear that he did not agree with the views of Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

“Looks like I’m 33 (per cent, ed.) will pay extra taxes for Biden? ” He also referred to Biden with in the story he shared at the end of October Sleepy Joe. He also announced that he was fully behind Trump. He made that even clearer the following days. For example, he spoke at a Donald Trump election rally in Michigan.

not registered

There, Lil Pump (or, according to Trump himself, Little Pimp) urged everyone in attendance to vote for the Republican. Only now it appears that the rapper did not do that himself. His real name, Gazzy Garcia, cannot be found in the Florida election records.

If he had voted, his name would have appeared there. Lil Pump has just bought a villa in Miami Beach. He also had his domicile placed there. It is The Smoking Gun that came out with the news. It’s a website that includes legal documents and mug shots publishes. The responsible of the region has confirmed the news.

Register before October 5th

It seems that Lil Pump / Little Pimp only thought about voting when he announced on Instagram that he refused to pay extra taxes. He did that at the end of October, but in Florida everyone had to register before October 5 to vote.


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