Trump supporters throw Washington into chaos

“House security and Capitol police have drawn their guns while demonstrators are beating on the front door of the House of Representatives,” said MP Dan Kildee on the online service Twitter. “We have been instructed to lie down on the floor and put on our gas masks.”

Another MP, Jim Himes, told Congress on Twitter that tear gas was being used in the Capitol rotunda. “The police asked us to take out the gas masks while tear gas was being used in the rotunda.”

Several former companions urged Trump to be clearer and clearly condemn the demonstrators’ action. “You are the only one you will listen to,” said Trump’s former communications chief Alyssa Farah. “Judge this now.”

In other US states, too, Trump supporters demonstrated in front of national parliaments yesterday, albeit in much smaller numbers and mostly peacefully. Such protests have taken place in Georgia, Kansas, Colorado and Oregon, CNN reported.

The Democratic Party headquarters had to be evacuated, according to the New York Times. And an explosive device was found at the Republican party headquarters and detonated in a controlled manner.


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