Trump vs. Twitter: Short message service warns users of its tweets

The president stated in the tweets without any evidence that in the US state California planned extended options for voting by letter would result in a “manipulated election”. Ballots would be stolen, forged, “illegally printed” and “fraudulently filled in,” he warned.

The California governor Gavin Newsom send ballot papers to every resident of the state – “no matter who he is and how he got there,” wrote Trump also. This assertion is incorrect: the postal ballot papers are only to be sent to registered voters.

Trumps Allegations relate to upcoming elections in a California district for a vacant seat in the House of Representatives in Washington. Newsom wants to expand the possibilities of voting by letter because of the coronavirus pandemic in the election.

Twitter struggles

Twitter wrote: “Experts say that the Postal vote is very rarely associated with election fraud. “The company also pointed out Reports of the transmitter CNN, the newspaper “Washington Post“and other media covering the allegations made Postal vote lead to massive election fraud when “unfounded” had rejected.

For Trump is Twitter one of the main channels for the dissemination of its political Embassies. He uses the service permanently to violently attack opponents, to spread conspiracy theories and to praise his own government work. Many tweets by the US president are criticized by critics as a distortion or disregard for the facts.

Nevertheless had Twitter so far never on misinformation in Trumps Embassies referred. However, two weeks ago, the company tightened its rules against the spreading of false messages. The current Twitter note on Trump tweets about the Postal vote in California correspond to the company’s new approach to misleading information, said a company spokesman.

Conspiracy theories about murder

Participated in the past few days Trump about Twitter also on the spread of completely baseless rumors, the TV presenter Joe Scarborough could have murdered a previous employee. Scarborough, which is a morning broadcast on the transmitter MSNBC moderated, is a prominent Trump critic.

Investigators concluded that the death of Scarboroughs Ex-employee had to drive back to an accident in 2001. Accordingly, she was in due to a cardiac arrhythmia Scarboroughs Office fell and fell on the head. Scarborough was then a member of Trumps Republicans in the House of Representatives.


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