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Appointment is rock solid

First problem: There is no evidence that postal votes have ever distorted a US election; not even in Colorado or Utah, making postal voting possible without major restrictions.

Second problem: Every four years, the US Constitution sets the Tuesday after the first Monday in November as the date set in stone as the election date. No president can change that. The Congress alone could determine a transfer. But even if Trump marches the Senate (dominated by the Republicans) – the House of Representatives (democratically dominated) would undo the plans.

Already in their own camp, the alienation prevailed over the “diversionary maneuver” on a day on which the former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain died of Corona. Senator John Barasso, a Trump friend: “There will be no postponement of the election.” Trump’s preferred golf partner in Congress, Senator Lindsey Graham, was also piqued: “Not a good idea.” Constitutionalist Jonathan Turley, the Trump in impeachment proceedings on Russia Affair jumped, spoke of a “bizarre” contribution that is “contradicting” the constitution.


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