Trump wants to punish Hong Kong for strengthening China’s access

Criticism from Hong Kong

The Hong Kong loyal to Beijing government criticized the actions of the United States. Chief of justice Teresa Cheng described it as “unacceptable”. The introduction of a national Security law does not mean the end of the Principle “One country, two systems”. “It is claimed that we are now ‘one country, one system’ and have lost our autonomy,” said Cheng: “This is completely wrong”. National security is a matter of central concern in every other country in the world government.

Disappointed with the announcement of Trump the US Chamber of Commerce showed up in Hong Kong (AmCham). It was a “sad day,” said AmCham president Tara Joseph: “This is an emotional moment for Americans in Hong Kong and it will take a while for businesses and families to digest the consequences. “

The US government also plans to issue visas to Chinese students enrolled in the United States pursue a master’s degree or doctorate, limit it extremely. The Chinese military abuse students for industrial and research espionage, the said White House.

Beijing recently had more and more freedom in the special administrative zone Hong Kong intervened. Since last year, this has also led to ever new mass protests in the metropolis. One of Beijing now planned restrictive Security law However, from the US government’s perspective, the barrel overflowed: This week explained that Ministry of Foreign Affairs the congress, Hong Kong no longer meet the criteria for separate treatment. With the political statement the government the floor for the steps now announced.

Despite massive international criticism China People’s Congress on Thursday the plans for a new, so-called Security law in Hong Kong approved. Bypasses the law Hong Kong Houses of Parliament. It targets activities that are considered subversive or separatist. The project would be the most far-reaching encroachment on the actually guaranteed autonomy.

Also Great Britain Has China in the dispute over the planned Security law For Hong Kong threatened with measures. Should China the law will introduce the British government Examine options to open a path to British citizenship for citizens of the former British Crown Colony, Home Secretary said Priti Patel according to a message from Friday.

So far, citizens can Hong Kong up to six months without a visa Great Britain if they have British National Overseas (BNO) status and are in possession of an appropriate ID. Currently, according to the information London around 350,000 people. In theory, however, almost three million former subjects would be entitled to apply for a corresponding passport.


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