Trump works on transition to Biden “but will never admit victory”

The United States Federal Logistics Service is beginning the transition from President Donald Trump to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump has given permission for this, although he continues to claim victory in the election.

It has taken several weeks, but the General Services Administration, the GSA, say the overarching logistics service of the US government, has begun the presidential transition protocol. This gives President-elect Joe Biden access to certain funds and information in the White House. This way he can assemble his team and start working on specific files.

Transition can start

President Trump announced his own admission to the GSA on Twitter as usual. “I want to thank Emily Murphy at the GSA for her dedication and loyalty to our country. She has been pressured, threatened and abused – and I don’t want to see that happen to her, her family or GSA staff. ”

In addition, Trump has also instructed his team to cooperate with the GSA to steer the transition in the right direction. “I recommend that Emily and her team do whatever it takes to follow the initial protocols and have said the same to my team.”

Normally, that transition is announced without much fanfare, a few days or hours after the proclamation of an election winner. It is therefore a largely administrative and logistical operation, for which the protocols have been established. Although this move will reassure Democrats who feared Trump would not leave the White House peacefully.

Normally such a GSA procedure goes smoothly. But this time, team Trump threw a spanner in the works. The president still has numerous lawsuits pending in swing states to dispute results. With that he hopes to stop what he says are “fraudulent” votes and still claim victory. Earlier, his advisor had to clarify the transition.

Lawsuits lost

None of those lawsuits appears to contain much substance. On Saturday, Trump got a zero on the case in the important state of Pennsylvania. There he wanted to recount the votes of an important county, but the judge decided otherwise.

This turns out to be the final starting shot for the beleaguered GSA chairman Murphy. She wrote the following in a letter to Biden announcing her decision.

“Know that I came to this decision completely independently, based on the law and the available facts. I have never been directly or indirectly pressured by the White House or anyone in the GSA to speed up my decision. ” The pressure on Murphy to start the process, however, increased from the Democratic angle.

Corona impact

That is not illogical: the United States is under immense pressure from the corona virus. This puts various industries, such as the aviation sector, on its knees. At the same time, the US is not getting the epidemic under control and hotbeds keep popping up, resulting in a hallucinatory death toll.

That is not to say that Trump is now focusing on the most important thing: still winning the presidency. After all, he says that on Twitter, after transition instructions for Murphy.

“We will continue our various lawsuits over what will later become known as the most corrupt election in US political history,” said a pugnacious Trump. “We are going full throttle and will never give in to false ballots and this Dominion (the software used, ed.)“. Twitter immediately rewarded his statements with a label.

In the meantime, Joe Biden has already announced the first names of his cabinet.


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