Trump’s annual review: “Truly historic victories”

The elected US President Donald Trump praised the achievements of the country under his leadership before the turn of the year. “Truly historic victories” have been achieved and the US must be remembered for what it has achieved, Trump said in a video message released on Thursday.

He particularly praised the rapid production of vaccines against the coronavirus and thanked scientists, doctors and members of the military in this context. The vaccinations would end the pandemic once and for all, Trump said.

Pandemic coped “damatically better”

The president went on to say that the country had coped with the corona pandemic “dramatically better” economically than experts had predicted. “Nobody can keep up with us” in terms of the less severe downturn and the rapid upswing, Trump claimed. “Whenever America is challenged, we are always up to the situation.”

Since the beginning of the global corona pandemic, almost 20 million infections with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen have been detected in the USA, and more than 340,000 deaths are related to the virus.

19.6 million receive unemployment benefits

Trump did not talk about the dramatic proportions of the pandemic, which continues to plague the US economy. Within a week, hundreds of thousands of Americans again applied for unemployment benefits, and according to the latest figures, around 19.6 million people in the USA receive some form of unemployment benefit. A year earlier it was only around 1.8 million.

Trump also did not mention the presidential election in his message. He emerged from it as a loser, but does not recognize the victory of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Trump sees himself cheated out of victory, for which he has presented no evidence. Biden’s inauguration is planned for January 20th.


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