Try Spotify Premium for 3 months for free

The music streaming service Spotify Premium can currently be tested free of charge for three months.

Spotify wants to win new customers for its music streaming service. For this reason, the company is offering a three-month free subscription to Spotify Premium as part of a current campaign.

Save 30 euros with a trial subscription

During this period, Spotify Premium can be fully used for one person free of charge. Users save 29.97 euros. After the free trial period has expired, Spotify Premium for one person costs a monthly subscription fee of EUR 9.99. The offer is only available to users who have not yet used a free trial period for Spotify Premium with their Spotify account. Offer ends September 11, 2022.

Test Duo and Family for free for one month

There is currently a three-month trial period for the Spotify student subscription. At the end of the three test months, the subscription costs EUR 4.99 per month. The offer is only valid for students at an accredited university. Interested parties get a free trial month with the two subscription models Spotify Premium Duo and Spotify Premium Family.

With Duo, Spotify offers a subscription option for couples living under the same roof. After the promotional period, this subscription costs 12.99 euros per month. Spotify Premium Family includes six Spotify Premium accounts. The model is recommended for family members who live in the same household. In addition to the other subscriptions, the family model with Spotify Kids includes a separate app especially for children and the option for parents to block inappropriate music for the offspring. Spotify Premium Family costs EUR 14.99 at the end of the trial month.

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