Tui boss gives hope for a beach vacation in summer

According to the Tui boss, a vacation in the Canary Islands could soon be possible again.

According to the Tui boss, a vacation in the Canary Islands could soon be possible again.

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The corona pandemic has been going on for a year. And for a year now, many Germans have had to forego vacation. Travel planning remains difficult for the time being due to the corona measures. Nevertheless, Tui boss Marek Andryszak is hopeful. In an interview with “t-online”, he explains why, despite the number of infections, travel warnings and other uncertainties, he assumes that beach holidays in summer are possible without restrictions – and cheaper.

While many people assume that vacation prices will rise, Andryszak is announcing cheaper prices. One of the reasons for this is that the hotels will not be fully occupied. In addition, the infection rate in the travel destinations gives hope, he adds. For example, the incidence in Mallorca has been below 35 for weeks. The Robert Koch Institute could therefore lift the travel warning very soon, also for the Balearic Islands. These destinations could save the Easter business for Tui. But Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Bavaria are also important travel destinations for Tui’s business, with which even home vacationers would be satisfied.

Tui boss demands from the federal government guidelines for traveling

However, the prerequisite for this is that travel is allowed at all and that there is more predictability. In other countries, including Great Britain, we have come a lot further. Andryszak therefore demands a secure perspective from the heads of government, which should be discussed at the next federal-state summit. In the best case scenario, politicians should provide specific guidelines for traveling with a fixed test strategy. For example, passengers could be required to pass a negative corona test that is not older than 48 hours before the outbound flight and maybe also before the return flight – if you don’t have one, you won’t fly with you. Previous studies have shown that the number of new infections among travelers was only 0.5.

It is still uncertain whether you will be able to travel at Easter. In midsummer, however, all goals can be reached again with tests and a mask requirement, Andryszak said confidently. Nevertheless, it makes sense to book flex tariffs. So you can make changes and cancellations for little money and get a refund of the total price in the event of a new travel warning. The free Covid insurance is also advisable: If you fall ill while on vacation, you get medical care and, if necessary, ambulance transport. This is particularly recommended for trips outside of Europe, as they are not easy to plan. For the Caribbean or Far Asia, as well as other distant destinations, it is more difficult to make forecasts because they do not meet the standards and rules of the EU.

Too early for benefits for vaccinated people

According to Andryszak, benefits for those who have been vaccinated are out of the question in the summer, as not all people have been offered a vaccination at that time. However, such advantages would be conceivable later. Nevertheless, people can travel safely even in summer. According to Andryszak, safe travel destinations are the Greek islands, the Canaries, the Balearic Islands and the Algarve. But Austria, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus will also be safe until summer.

Customer surveys and feedback suggest that travel will not change at all after the pandemic and that trends will remain constant, explains Andryszak. Cruise ships are also still very popular, even though the topic of sustainability is increasingly coming into focus. According to the Tui boss, sustainability cannot be enforced through prohibitions and stigmatization. Rather, more sustainable ways must be found, such as better engines for fewer exhaust gases in the air or more ships that run on liquefied natural gas. And there may also be electric drives for cruise ships in the future.



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