Tui-Chef believes in summer vacation 2020 – and promises affordable prices

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  • The tourism industry is particularly suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. It is still unclear when the travel restrictions will end.
  • But Marek Andryszak, head of Germany at Tui, gives hope for a summer vacation in 2020 in conversation with the TV station “RTL”. This could even be particularly cheap.
  • Tui received a state emergency loan of 1.8 billion euros in April.

The tourism industry is particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis. Most travel and airline providers have reduced their offerings to a minimum. Many airline fleets currently remain entirely on the ground. This will probably remain so for a while. The federal government’s travel warning is valid until at least June 14. An extension is possible.

But Marek Andryszak, Germany boss from the tourism company Tui, is optimistic. In an interview with the TV station RTL, he said that he thought summer vacation in 2020 was possible. He also believes that travel could be cheaper this year. Read Too

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Tui in crisis mode since coronavirus pandemic

Tui is currently in crisis mode. The company had to apply for a state emergency loan due to the Corona crisis. He was granted 1.8 billion euros. Nevertheless, the company is currently cutting thousands of jobs. In recent weeks, Tui has been working flat out to bring stranded vacationers back to Germany. This demanded a “masterpiece on the logistical side”, said Andryszak in the TV contribution “Early start” by RTL / ntv.

At the same time, many customers whose flights were canceled asked for their money back. At first, this had not worked smoothly. Because the company initially only wanted to issue vouchers. “In the first phase, we had to try to stay fluid and had no repayment processes. Of course, customers are annoyed. I am very sorry about that. I can only apologize for that, ”said the Tui boss. Now that the processes are established, however, according to Andryszak, there should be no more problems with the repayment.

Tui boss: “We will fly this summer”

And the Tui boss is also in good spirits when it comes to summer vacation 2020. “We will fly this summer. Greece will be available from July 1st. And we will also make it to Mallorca in summer, at the latest in August. We are in constant contact with politicians. I am optimistic, ”RTL quotes him.

And Andryszak made a second promise: “Holidays are cheaper!” He believes that an excess supply of infrastructure in the holiday regions will lead to low prices. However, holidaymakers would also have to be prepared for some restrictions. There may not be pool parties. Andryszak believes that the offer of buffets will probably also be cut back. Read Too

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In order to inspire potential customers for a booking this summer, Tui beckons with a free right of withdrawal. This applies to all trips booked from May 15, 2020. Bookings may be canceled up to two weeks before departure. “You will then get the price paid back in full,” Andryszak promises.


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