TUI: “We are not currently thinking about a vaccination passport”

Do we have to present a vaccination passport if we finally want to go on holiday again by plane? At the moment, this is not the case at the travel organizer TUI.

There are currently very few destinations that you can currently go to with the country’s largest tour operator. Alicante, Malaga and Tenerife are the only three that exceed the normal range. If the government allows re-travel and clears the red zones, a vaccination passport will be provided in some countries.

“Government is not asking anything yet”

Piet Demeyere of TUI does not say that TUI will not ask for a vaccination passport. But it is certainly not for immediate. “We have always followed the government’s measures properly and we will continue to do so. At the moment there is of course no flying at all, because there are so many red areas. ”

But even afterwards, TUI does not necessarily intend to bet on a passport. “We don’t want to discriminate against people on the basis of something they cannot do about themselves. But if the government asks for it and there are travel destinations again, we will look at that. ”


Yet Demeyere does not think such a passport will soon become mandatory. “As soon as the masses have received a vaccine, it could be, then it will be fair again. But you have to ask yourself whether it will also be necessary at that time. ”

Nevertheless, the vaccination passport seems to be gaining popularity, both with the tech giants, who are working on a uniform system, as in Scandinavia. There are also some projects that, according to the local authorities, should encourage travel.

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