Tuned BMW M340i from Dähler is stronger than an M3!

More power than an M3 F80

Dähler has grabbed the BMW M340i and gets up to 475 hp from the in-line six-cylinder. The M340i has more power than the previous M3!

Dthe new BMW M3 is a long time coming! During the current 3 Series BMW has been on the market since the beginning of 2019, it still takes with the top version M3. Currently the all-wheel drive marks M340i the summit. The Swiss tuner Dähler is now going strong in terms of performance!

More power than the previous M3

After the Dähler cure, the BMW M340i has more power than the previous M3.

Ex works as limousine and Station wagon available BMW M340i 374 hp and developed 500 Newton meters Torque. With his Stage 1 package Dähler screwed up the power of the three-liter in-line six-cylinder 442 hp and 630 Newton meters. Stage 2 replenishes again and bets 475 hp and 680 Nm free. Remarkable: Both performance upgrades push the 3 series about the level of the previous M3, who initially “only” had 431 hp and later developed up to 460 hp in the M3 CS.

How fast the M340i will get after the Dähler cure is not yet known. The production version accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. However, with both upgrades Dähler lifts the Vmax limitation on. The optimization of the Swiss is supplemented by a Stainless steel exhaust system, a sporty coilover, a new Spoiler lip and special 20 inch wheels.


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